How popular beauty emblem Fresh have become a cult favourite

The Fresh splendor logo story began with a soap and became created by a splendor junkie. And these days, it has grown right into a worldwide brand of the way of life merchandise spanning skin care, body care, fragrance, haircare, and home.

If everyone has preconceptions that a splendor junkie is a young lady, Lev Glazman will debunk the idea. Growing up in Russia, he became introduced to the joy of beauty merchandise by his mom, and that set in motion his love for beauty pampering.

In 1991, Glazman and his spouse Alina Roytberg, founders of Fresh, opened an apothecary keep in Boston, curating luxury and herbal splendor merchandise from around the sector.

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They began Fresh with an iconic oval cleaning soap, which they created in their kitchen as the appropriate gift. It comes wrapped in artisanal paper, tied with a delicate twine and topped with a semi-valuable stone.

Glazman and Roytberg, both 56, had been in Kuala Lumpur lately for the launch in their most recent product, the Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence, that is bought in Sephora.

Kombucha is a fermented candy black tea immensely rich in nutrients and natural acids, which help shield skin towards pollution and free radicals.

It also complements pores and skin luminosity, reduces the appearance of satisfactory traces and pores, improves elasticity, smoothes pores and skin texture and offers 24-hour moisture.

Telling Their Story
To apprehend how the logo commenced, Glazman shared his tale of growing up in Leningrad at a time while the united states become absolutely closed off to everything, almost like North Korea, he said.

“A lot of younger ladies did now not have got admission to splendor merchandise and anybody smelt the equal,” Glazman reminisced.

“One day my very brave mother took me, a very young boy then, to a black market in Russia in which smugglers smuggled matters into Russia, from stockings to fragrance.”

“My mum bought a perfume and when she smelt it, I recall the exchange in her expression. This reminiscence stayed with me and I started out being curious,” Glazman stated.

“Growing up I felt that there are such a lot of high-quality matters obtainable and a beauty deal with is something all of us deserve. Over time I knew I wanted to be a part of this commercial enterprise

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Later on, Glazman might go to branch shops and speak to beauty consultants and he stated, “I could not hook up with what they had been promoting as they might communicate approximately technological know-how. To me beauty is attached to rituals, ingredients, way of life, history smells and natural substances.

“When Alina first came to my house and observed all my splendor products, she notion I become loopy. Then I instructed her that I am a beauty junkie!

“When we each commenced speak me approximately my obsession, we desired to create products with herbal components. We wanted people to revel in a sensorial enjoy of their normal splendor rituals and have merchandise which is additionally effective.”

Roytberg – who became born in Ukraine and has a fashion degree from the Parsons School of Design, New York – says all of Fresh’s merchandise have real ingredients from rose petals, strawberry, honey, sugar, nectar, soy to sake.

“Fresh is so applicable as our merchandise incorporate an extensive quantity of elements. When we use roses it’s not only for the scent but we use rose petals and tap its goodness. We take a lot of time within the method of making our merchandise and we work with scientists and chemists to recognize elements’ potency and advantages,” she said.

The emblem’s recognition led LVMH, a multinational luxury items conglomerate, to buy a controlling stake in Fresh in 2000, and this gave the logo get right of entry to assets like the Fresh Research Lab this is housed in LVMH’s Helios Research Centre in France.

“People typically don’t keep in mind what took place, but they don’t forget how something made them experience. This may be very tons what Fresh is about and the way we began. We by no means take without any consideration how a product makes you feel and can solve your troubles,” Roytberg said.

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