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If you enroll in at the least one suitable advertising news website online, you’re well conscious that everybody is still running a blog to promote their merchandise, offerings, and corporations. I need to take a look at what follows a number of the traits that we’re probably to see occur or for you to preserve into this yr. I’ve been going via several surveys from the remaining quarter of 2016 and the first of 2017, which specialize in content advertising and marketing, and running a blog to look at what traits appear to be on the upward thrust and relevant this 12 months. I’ve selected what I suppose are a number of the extra pertinent stats on running a blog, however for a closer view; you would possibly discover the statistics reports I’ve connected to.

Blogging Stats For Your 2017 11

1. There Are Over 75 Million Blogs On WordPress Alone

You might have been willing to think that blogging has reached its height these years, but the facts tell an exclusive story, showing it’s still in an increasing manner. According to data offered in 2015, there had been over 250 million blogs posted on the web. Out of these, at least 75 million are WordPress websites. This doesn’t rely on Google’s Blogger platform usage, in view that their numbers aren’t disclosed. Well over 2 million blog posts are written every day, so it’s secure to mention usual blog numbers are increasing all of the time.

HubSpot’s studies from the past 3 to four years keep showing improvement and growth at some stage in the blogosphere. This means that extra corporations and marketers are investing in running a blog and inside the pleasant and style of the content they produce. It is still considered one of the only advertising and marketing methods to be had to us. It’ll stay so for folks who need to create a regular identification for their manufacturers online.

Keep in mind that running a blog consists of guest posting as nicely, which is another very effective way of getting a back-link or growing emblem recognition and getting a few indirect site visitors. At this point, it’s also worthwhile reminding that Google has been cracking down on low-quality sites, an increasing number of pertinently with each new update. Signs point to the reality that Google will no longer tolerate websites that prioritize search engines like google and yahoo over customers, putting up ads that might be tough to differentiate from the regular content or overly rely on associate hyperlinks. This indicates that you need to be more careful than ever with the quality of your weblog in all respects – content material is just the start, the basis of it all.

2. 86% Of B2B Companies Are Blogging

B2B groups seem to have understood this a good deal higher or are at a minimum more inclined to put money into running a blog. That’s what’s occurring according to Content Marketing Institute’s B2B Content Marketing – a few 86% of B2B companies are blogging, while the handiest 77% of B2C agencies have a blog. Still, the ones are quite excessive numbers on both signs. It bears bringing up that Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) studies target North America. Still, the numbers likely mirror similar developments inside the world’s relaxation since the US is typically the fashion-setter for advertising and marketing.

Webbiquity gathered from a TopRank take a look at that 93% of marketers surveyed claimed they had been doing content advertising. But as CMI themselves cited of their 2016 take a look at, no longer very many had a documented content material advertising strategy, no matter clean proof that folks that did record their strategies noticed higher outcomes. The identical 2016 CMI examine stated that simplest 30% of B2B marketers said they had been a success in their content material advertising efforts. A moderate lower from 38% in 2015. What this means, although, is that most effective 30% of respondents (at the time) have been doing content marketing right, or have been extra realistic approximately their dreams, for that reason dealing with to get what they desired.

Right here are various factors that could pressure a marketer to mention they had been glad about outcomes in a single endeavor or some other. These include placing practical desires and following a clear strategy to meet them. Some true marketers set unrealistic desires, but they managed to obtain them by hook or by crook. Outcomes will rely on the entrepreneurs’ enjoy or how nicely they observe their information and strategies to the market/s they target. It additionally relies upon the resources to be had to each marketer/marketing crew, the niche they spark off in, and the competition they face.

Content is powerful; there’s no need to seek to prove that anymore. It is already what we name a “confirmed tactic” for increasing internet site visitors, improving search engine optimization, lead technology, logo cognizance, and so on. Content is at the center of everything that advertising does because the content is at the core of our society, whether you’re selling, promoting, or simply informing. However, what the one’s probabilities say is that everybody remains to do content advertising and, because the look goes on to indicate, an increasing number of marketers create a documented strategy that allows you to have better management over their results and measuring ROI.

3. 97% More Inbound Links For Companies That Blog

HubSpot said that corporations with a blog have as much as ninety-seven % extra inbound links. That’s, of course, true for blogs that frequently put up pleasant, informative content. It’s the handiest way you’ll be capable of enticing constant site visitors and a healthful group of everyday followers. The more you grow your popularity as an awesome source of content, the likelier it’s miles different blogs and websites will begin linking lower back to your net pages. Evergreen content, as traditional, is the largest driver of visitors and links for long intervals of time. It has also been shown that articles published on Thursdays usually have a higher reach – that’s likely because they seem later inside the week, when people may also have a piece extra spare time to read and percentage, and includes weekend days when many trap upon analyzing their favorite websites and blogs.

Another critical idea is that guest posting, which is one of the best tactics for buying inbound links, is handiest clearly powerful whilst you’re doing it right. First of all, few, if any, bloggers/blogs/sites provide observe” links except they get something in return. And except you’re presenting certainly brilliant content material that they’d like to characteristic on their weblog to delight readers and appeal to extra site visitors, they’re going to assume something in return probably. Secondly, if you want a guest put up to pay off for you absolutely, you want to make certain they submit may be there for so long as the weblog exists, without being removed some months later. A few entrepreneurs make one mistake to outsource their hyperlink building to corporations who promise to get the links to diverse excessive domain websites. But the handiest few of them are honest enough to disclaim that the content may handiest be had on those websites for a restrained time.

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