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Blogger is one of the maximum popular hosted blogging structures out there. However, many human beings are nevertheless surprised when they analyze you can customize your blog’s look nicely beyond the pre-built alternatives the site gives. Finding these other templates can be a piece of a project, so we’ve got to provide you with over 30 sources to help you locate brand new designs, converted WordPress topics, folks who will build specific custom templates, and greater. What are you looking ahead to? Get obtainable and freshen up your weblog!

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5ColumnTemplate.Blogspot.Com – This website most effective offers one template with five versions. However, it isn’t always each day you notice a five-column subject for any blogging platform, and it’s miles, in reality, pretty clean in the presentation. AllBlogTools.Com – A series of over one hundred templates from an assortment of quite a few smaller designers. You can appearance them up with the aid of layout, color, concern, remember, and so forth.

Blogger-Templates.Blogspot.Com – Keeps a small choice of pinnacle-notch Blogger subject matters up and going for walks. Blogger-Templates.Deceblog.Net – A small choice of particular topics for Blogger accounts. Blogger-Templates-Directory.Blogspot.Com – A big listing of Blogger templates, links to assets for similar improvement, and a lot extra. BloggerTemplates.Org – It doesn’t appear to have been updated because it launched, but all the templates, nevertheless paintings, have a variety of resemblance to WordPress themes. BlogspotTemplates.Blogspot.Com – Several pages of Blogger templates with hints on the way to use them. BlogspotTemplate.Com – Right around one hundred templates for Blogger of various patterns and colorations. BlogTemplates.Noipo.Org – A small choice of graphical and text-based templates on your weblog.

BTemplates.Com – Features a huge assortment of over 600 loose Blogger templates that may be browsed by way of a category, tag, wide variety of downloads, and so forth. Carl Galloway’s Blogger Templates – A small selection of some fairly specific templates that have not been up to date in some time, however, are nevertheless absolutely useful. FinalSense.Com – Offers over three hundred templates in your Blogger account. Have pretty much every subject matter and coloration aggregate that you can think of. FreeBlogger-Templates.Blogspot.Com – Focuses heavily on simplified Blogger templates that make for the perfect analyzing possible. Free templates.Blogspot.Coms – A blog dedicated to bringing you nothing however loose Blogger templates. Nicely classified, and clean to browse.

FreshBloggerTemplates.Blogspot.Com – It has been some time when you consider that this site released any new templates; however, their designs are immaculate and working order. Gecko & Fly Blogger Templates – Offers many Blogger templates, most of which can be in a more “traditional” style, in addition to tutorials on the way to tweak your blog even similarly.

GoSuBlogger.Com – A big selection of loose templates that mix unique work with transformed WordPress issues. Isnaini.Com – A large sundry series of templates to be used on Blogger, together with a detailed academic on how to insert them into your account correctly. JackBook.Com – Besides presenting a big choice of loose templates, JackBook also gives tips and pointers on better SEO to your blog with a heavy saturation of online game-inspired issues. OurBlogTemplates.Com – An ordinary mix of nearly 2 hundred loose templates to use and with a dash of reviews of DSLR cameras. PannaSmontana Templates – Numerous unfastened templates for Blogger; however, the web page is entirely in Italian. Thankfully it is well designed and you may locate your way around.

Public-Template.Blogspot.Com – Features a combination of free templates with a purpose to download, tutorials on the way to make your very own, and admiration for templates they experience. Simple-Blogskins.Blogspot.Com – Offers a handful of free skins to your Blogger account. Template-Godown.Com – A website online focusing on changing WordPress themes to the Blogger pleasant XML layout. WP-Themes.Us – Yes, the call points to them being all about WordPress themes; however, they also offer a pleasing selection of free templates for Blogger. Yanku-Template.Blogspot.Com – Offers a few very slick looking, unfastened, Blogger templates of the 2 and three-column types. ChicSassyDesigns.Blogspot.Com – Offers up pre-built templates you may purchase, will design particular topics, and offers historical past pics for sale that you could construct your very own template around. PaperbackDesigns.Blogspot.Com – Offers unfastened issues and sidebar badges further to doing custom-designed templates for a fee. SuckMyLolly.Com – A aggregate of loose and top rate issues for your Blogger account. Very colorful in design and missing the conventional Blogger appearance.

Tips & Tricks for Template Design

Firdamatic Template Generator – This allows you to generate 2 or three-column templates by way of simply filling within the blanks along with your answers.

PsycHorm.Org – A well implemented loose Blogger template generator.

PhotoshopSupport.Com – Tips for designing your personal Blogger template, using Photoshop.

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One of the biggest challenges of running a blog is getting visitors, however beyond that, as soon as you’ve got visitors, you want to parent out the way to maintain human beings truly for your weblog so that they examine extra, view more advertisements, and potentially, buy something. It’s one thing to hyperlink to a submit on Twitter or Facebook and get them to read it, but it’s every other issue completely to get them to live there and study more or even subscribe. But it really is the undertaking I need to address nowadays because I do not assume that many bloggers take care of this difficulty nicely and because I need that will help you come to be the first-class blogger you can be.

1. Put More Content on the Homepage

Though many blog templates provide the choice to list a couple of publishing at the homepage, a lot of them try to squeeze complete period posts in preference to the use of excerpts, which means that your reader will scroll through entire posts earlier than locating something that interests them. The first-rate way to remedy this trouble is by way of placing as many posts onto a page as you can, which is reasonable. Limit your house web page to 300-500 phrase excerpts, and attempt to match at least five posts so that humans can select to study what most hobbies them.

2. Related Posts Widgets

If someone comes to your blog and reads an amazing put up, they’re possibly in a country of thoughts wherein they want to examine more. Why no longer fulfill that want by showing them some comparable posts that they might be interested in?

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