Can Livestreaming Replace Blogging

If you regard live streaming because of the undisputed “nice” advertising tactic, you haven’t been in marketing lengthy, especially if you think it’s a standalone strategy. Established brands realize getting traction for a full weblog requires exact, constant writing combined with endurance and dimension, especially if tying in a video — edited or stay.

Can Livestreaming Replace Blogging?

One live streamer and the public speaker says blogging is worthwhile for several reasons. If you’re uncertain approximately the fee of significant blogging on the net, Rebecca Casserly’s method will set you immediately. Small Business Trends first met Casserly at a livestreamers’ meetup in New York City in June of 2016. Her understanding of running a blog overlaps with brands, live streaming, increase, metrics, events, and publicity changed into why we reconnected for this interview.

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Rebecca Casserly, acknowledged online as “BecBoop” (and @BoopFashionista on Twitter), is a London-based, totally live streamer and blogger. She is a finalist within the 2017 Shorty Awards for Periscope of the Year and became a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2016 for great use of social media. Casserly blogs approximately style, splendor, travel, and lifestyle at BecBoop.Com, even engaging with her community of over 135,000 fans across her social media systems. In 2016, Onalytica.Com ranked her the number 4 worldwide splendor influencer based totally on Twitter have an impact on, and top 50 fashion influencer in 2017. Casserly has worked with many international manufacturers on her weblog and changed into also the first livestreamer to cover London Fashion Week on her Periscope channel. She has supplied an industry professional approximately her live streaming revel at Twitter UK’s tenth birthday occasion and additionally at MojoCon, the sector’s biggest cellular journalism convention.

Mall Business Trends: I became happy to examine that you’re privy to the Moz metric named “Domain Authority,” or DA for quick. Where did you learn about DA? What’s your favorite site to learn greater about it? Rebecca Casserly: I first heard of DA when manufacturers or PR’s have been inquiring about it as a statistic to work with bloggers. This was questioning what my personal blog DA is — BecBoop.Com is presently DA 32 — and the elements that affect weblog DA. I primarily read approximately DA and grow it through numerous running a blog business on Facebook or blog posts. It is a quite famous statistic inside the running a blog world now, and it’s something most bloggers try and paintings to grow.

Small Business Trends: Yes, bloggers understand brands opt for DA 30 and better, so bloggers speak it. Livestreamers almost by no means communicate DA this or DA that, especially Periscopes. I’ve noticed heaps of Periscopes don’t actually have a weblog, and that’s partly why brands aren’t contacting them. And blog posts commonly don’t scare manufacturers. When did you start blogging? Do you embed movies into your blog posts? Is it crucial for live streamers to blog?

Rebecca Casserly: I have been running a blog for over four years now, and after two years of blogging, I made the flow from a small city in the west of Ireland to London. I started live streaming whilst Periscope launched two years ago and then developed an approach to incorporate live streaming into my weblog content material. I suppose live streamers must have an internet site or blog to percentage their content out of the platform’s doors in which they create it. For example, I generally embed my live streams into weblog posts wherein relevant.

Small Business Trends: What’s your subscription field “BoopBox” approximately, and in which can human beings learn more approximately it? Rebecca Casserly: I even have just launched my first community-based product, which I am without a doubt enthusiastic about! I have been working on this challenge for months, and I couldn’t wait to tell my Periscope fans. The BoopBox is a month-to-month themed lifestyle subscription field with a twist. Every month the container can have a particular subject and could be full of merchandise I have curated. Along with this, subscribers may have one-of-a-kind admission to my private pronounces, social media pointers, giveaways, and different laughs and interesting content. You can sign up at www.BoopBox.Com

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Rebecca Casserly: I have lately started out focusing loads on my YouTube channel, and I create tour vlogs and weekly vlogs over there. I try and upload one video a week. Along with this, I am on Snapchat and Instagram as Bec_Boop. Small Business Trends: Are you asking your Periscope followers to follow you on Twitter additionally, or do the maximum of them do that obviously?

Rebecca Casserly: I continually ask my fans to observe on Twitter. Mostly because Twitter is my favored platform to apply to, it’s for the platform I am most active on, and I test most regularly. So Twitter is the very best way for my network to get in touch with me and see the content I am sharing. I have additionally begun recommending my fans activate live-video notifications on Twitter to get a notification on every occasion I begin a Periscope broadcast. This way, they may have extra of a threat to revel in the broadcast live.

Marketers need to adjust to the needs of the marketplace. Today’s younger generation further disturbs themselves from us older “geeks” by redefining how they appear or view the sector. One apparent example is the Social Revolution that began in Tunis, energized in Egypt, and spread to the Arab international. Today’s youth is more and more being served their information via Facebook and Twitter and much less and much less via different greater traditional media along with blogs and broadcast information. Does this imply that Facebook goes to replace blogs in the various younger era?

A Pew Statistics

With the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, the teens are shifting toward quick updates to make their evaluations felt, hyperlinks to articles that worsen them, touch upon news testimonies and occasions, and proportion photos and promote a worthy cause. Blogs nevertheless do that, but the social media networking sites are hastily replacing that characteristic. Isn’t opposition a splendid component? The Internet and American Life Project on the Pew Research Center discovered that from 2006 to 2009, running a blog among youngsters a while 12 to 17 fell with a half; now 14 percentage of youngsters who use the Internet have blogs. In the latest survey among 18-to-33-12 months-olds, the venture started blogging dropped two percentage points in 2010 from years in advance.

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Reasons for the mild drop were: former bloggers were too busy to write down and were disenchanted by using the dearth of readership; different bloggers cited the performance of social networking in connecting with their own family and pals.

Blogs Are More Interested in Making History than Being History

If human beings want extra in-depth information, blogs are still the answer (at the moment). Not ta he entirety need to be tasty morsels of records. To be higher knowledgeable, blogs, without a doubt, have their calling.

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