With 80 percent of the votes inside the referendum on whether or not or not to implement a brand new law for the Dutch intelligence and safety services counted, fighters to the law are taking the lead. Of the counted votes, 49 percent were a criminal offense and forty-seven percentage for. Around 4 percentage of the votes were blank, the Volkskrant reviews.

Around 53 percentage of the electorate voted in the referendum, a long way above the 30 percent required for the referendum to be legitimate.

These period in-between consequences truly show that opponents have been extra encouraged to forge their votes. In the forty-five municipalities that did no longer have municipal elections on Wednesday because of in advance municipal redistribution elections, 30 percent of electorate got here to vote within the referendum and fifty-seven percent of them voted against the law.


The consequences also show that resistance to the regulation is much higher than anticipated. Pre-referendum polls all confirmed that greater humans deliberate to vote for imposing the regulation than towards.

This new regulation – formally known as the Intelligence and Security Law, but also cited by using opponents because the Big Data Law – gives the Netherlands’ two intelligence and protection services more electricity. The largest exchange is that the AIVD and MIVD will be capable of faucet telephone and internet visitors on a large scale. The offerings may also be allowed to perform hacks more often, and on a bigger range – wherein the services can now only hack a specific suspect, the brand new law lets in them to reach the suspect with the aid of hacking the computer of a housemate, for instance. The new regulation additionally gives the offerings the functionality of storing DNA material for investigations. The enlargement of powers is balanced with greater supervision on the offerings.

If a majority of the voters voted a crime, parliament will be forced to re-have a look at and re-debate the regulation. But the parliamentarians can select to depart the regulation unchanged, as this is simplest an advisory referendum and the outcome is not binding. In the Ukraine referendum, a majority voted against a change settlement between the European Union and Ukraine. The authorities compromised with the aid of including an amendment to the settlement to address opponents’ concerns. The same ought to take place here.

This bill becomes controversial from its introduction. Civil rights groups, the Council for the Judiciary, the Dutch Association for Journalists, the clinical council for government policy WRR and the Council of State all criticized the facts mining law. Despite this, it surpassed noticeably without problems via the Tweede Kamer and Eerste Kamer, the decrease house of Dutch parliament and the Dutch Senate.

The law is about to be applied on May 1st. Maybe evaluated in years’ time, to make certain that residents’ privateness is satisfactorily guaranteed, in step with NOS. A lawsuit against the law is likewise present in the works – combatants agree with those certain elements of the regulation are in violation of human rights.

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