Britney Spears Just Landed Her First Major Fashion Campaign

Great information for fanatics of Britney Spears’ epic runway modeling movies (so essentially, terrific news for every person): the Princess of Pop just landed her first predominant fashion campaign for Kenzo. The singer took to Instagram to show her new marketing campaign for the brand’s La Collection Memento N°2, photographed by Peter Lindbergh. Britney gave us some early 2000s vibes in the first photo shared in a denim trucker hat and cropped inexperienced sweatshirt that shows off her lower returned tattoo. Yesterday, the emblem teased their A-listing casting on Instagram with a short video showcasing the “thriller” celebrity (but honestly, who could not understand Britney’s runway walk and blonde waves from a mile away?).

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Perhaps the greatest part of the marketing campaign is the recreating of her well-known all-denim red carpet appearance from the 2001 American Music Awards. The singer poses in a denim hat, denim jacket, denim over-the-knee boots, and even denim underclothes in some other picture from the pics series.
The marketing campaign marks Britney’s first fashion advert seeing that her Candie’s campaigns inside the early-mid 2000s. Though in the past she’s fronted many ads for her Candie’s x Kohl’s series and a sizeable lineup of fragrances, this marks the singer’s first marketing campaign for a major style logo. It looks as if all those modeling movies on Instagram have subsequently paid off. Now someone, please take a word and forged Britney in her large Fashion Week debut. She’s geared up. We talked about the ultimate problem approximately the “oh my god” effect between like-minded humans upon recognizing each other. As promised in a preceding article, I’ll be tricky.

Profile of Shattered Girlz:

I met the dressmaker of a high-quality t-shirt emblem the other day that operates beneath the label “Shattered Girlz.” She has a gripping non-public tale that right away inspires one to root for her fulfillment. She suffered betrayal from men into whom she poured her heart and soul and who, in a single case, left her for every other female while she was being concerned for her terminally unwell dad and mom. This designer has an avatar, Dolly Tatume, a tattooed cartoon beauty whose lifestyles and loves are chronicled via the line’s diverse t-blouse designs. Dolly has additionally been worried in some lifeless-end relationships with men, which have induced her quite a few pain, to the factor that she refers back to the men in her existence as “Piggys.” Numerous women tattooed characters inside the line constitute unique examples of female empowerment, like a dancer, a company lawyer, a college student, and even a soldier. Shattered Girlz’s tagline in the intervening time is “Shattered Girlz: I cannot be damaged!”

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Psychographic Analysis of Shattered Girlz:

Wikipedia’s definition of psychographics is as follows:

Psychographic variables are any attributes relating to character, values, attitudes, hobbies, or life. Some psychographic factors used in marketplace segmentation encompass Social class, Lifestyle, Behavior, Opinions, and Values. Psychographics also can be seen as an equivalent of the idea of “lifestyle” as used most typically in countrywide segmentation. Let’s analyze the numerous factors of this product line in terms of psychographics. Here’s what I provide you with Social magnificence: younger, university-aged urban ladies, possibly in a road counterculture

Lifestyle: goth and tattoos:

Behavior: trying to find self-expression and empowerment Opinions: a negative attitude in the direction of men in preferred, however fleeting Values: Women can feel upward thrust from the ashes Now, I do not know about you, but whenever a person tells me their story of heartbreak, I’m right away captivated. However, it’d be incorrect to circulate in this situation to the marketplace this product to all women, even though we can all relate. Instead, we want to find a smaller subsection of all women, such as younger women. But are we able to drill down any also? I assume so, and the following subset might be younger girls who’re into the tattoo way of life.

Though I myself don’t have one, tattoos are thrilling because they provide a deeply non-public expression of the wearer’s soul that mere phrases cannot transmit. After the start of a child, many human beings get a tattoo after the lack of a cherished one and different such life-converting activities. These are those who discover expression in the visible arts; in fact, many contemporary coolest tattoo artists come to the field with technical and great artwork schooling. There are even suggestions about tattoo studios, like Inked and Miami Ink and LA Ink.

The Plan:

Because of tattoo art’s strong graphic element, my idea to this designer became to start a comic ebook. In truth, the plan I constructed for the beginning levels of her electronic mail advertising campaign consists of the subsequent: Concentrate on certain key-word topics that resonate with younger ladies who get tattoos: feminine tattoo designs, lady ink, decrease returned tattoos, tramp stamps, damaged coronary heart tattoos, female genius, lost women, woman’s membership, to call a few.

Turn her blog right into a subscription-based, unfastened comedian ebook. Create a pay-in line with-click-on (PPC) ad marketing campaign based on the key-word topics to sell the comic ebook. Create a touchdown page for a subscription to the comic e-book. Make sure it makes use of the key-word themes as well.
Ensure that the comic ebook site advertises the Shattered Girlz t-shirt line. Invite comments or questions on every installment of the comedian ebook. This can spark a dialogue with the readers and inspire cautioned storylines or characters, thereby creating a rudimentary online community (aka captive marketing niche). This also appeals to the “goth” community because they could sometimes fashion in the clannish direction.

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Create an excuse to electronic mail these subscribers regularly via comedian e-book teasers, contests, etc., while also consisting of an income message in each of these emails. I am very positive that this form of targeted hobby, which is also very technique-oriented and methodical, will garner her masses of consequences. I should point out to the file that this type of listing building will take some time, perhaps while a great deal of 3 months or extra. We’re now not speaking approximately get-wealthy-quick schemes here. But recollect what is going to show up once she does build a list and in the end markets to it successfully.

Sooner or later, there could be flocks of stunning tattooed college-aged younger girls who game a Dolly Tatume t-shirt and who, upon crossing paths, will instantly exchange knowing, sympathetic looks. They may even engage each different in a communique, speaking about the emotional destruction that used to be their lives and the way Dolly and the group actually communicate to them. They may additionally even speak approximately the Shattered Girlz objects they each have (ohmigodyouhaveadollyshirttoo!). If we’ve got played our cards right, they will even recommend Shattered Girlz products to every different.

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