Blogger’s New Pages Feature – Turning Your Blog Into a Mini-Site

As some distance as running blog structures go, Blogger has always presented itself as consumer-pleasant and pretty adaptable…To an extent. If one needed to examine Blogger to other immediately publishing platforms available, one would possibly have considered them a good begin-up or exercise publisher for the novice, with the hopes one may graduate to the likes of WordPress, and so forth. Indeed, for the longest time, it seemed Blogger’s devotion to simplicity – a broadsheet style format of posts, drag and drop alternatives on the sidebar – would possibly stay for the ones bored with bells and whistles. Recently although, Blogger has, in the end, delivered web page publishing capability, transferring one step closer to equality in the blogging world.

Blogger's New Pages Feature - Turning Your Blog Into a Mini-Site 11

Among the professional bloggers I recognize, many tend to lean in the direction of WordPress for the alternatives provided inside the lower back end. One can create a WordPress site to resemble an excessive-tech, Flashy and widget-built surprise. Even the possibility of gaining knowledge of enough PHP to get with the aid of minimal customization didn’t seem to scare them away. Others, however, have preferred Blogger for its easy dashboard, which allows a consumer to get entry to all debts from one port – even though the blogs are not hosted at Blogspot. While not as sophisticated as different structures, Template design allows for personalization when you have the knack for it. Now with the Pages function increases the ability to turn a Blogger blog into a complete website.

Whilst one logs into his/her Blogger account, each weblog dashboard functions a new selection under the Posting tab. Up to ten pages may be created, and use the equal text box because of the New Post selection. Once a web page is created, you’ve got the choice of making a widget for your sidebar or having the web page links appear horizontally beneath your header. Or, in case you choose to use an alternate method for linking to the pages, you may click the guide option. As you create and make pages stay, superior options consist of hiding sure pages from a menu, arranging their link order, and developing tabs. Blogger offers a detailed academic on pages at their website.

Depending on how your Blogger blog is accessible – possibly as a tab for your principal web page directing site visitors to updated information – you would possibly marvel if pages are useful at all. If you’ve got used the Blogger CMS as your main internet site – perhaps hosted on a 3rd birthday celebration server and linked to a unique URL, you’ll certainly find this addition accessible for showcasing particular products, services, or different important facts on a static web page. If your blog is the most effective part of your online marketing method, you could locate pages that can prove useful in highlighting essential factors of your business.

Blogger Static Home Page

With the particular code from photo-sharing websites like Flickr or Picasa, you can create a photo album in your weblog; in any other case, adapt code from PayPal or Google Checkout to create a purchasing cart. Whatever ideas you have had for pages on a conventional internet site can now be transferred to Blogger and carried out inside your template. That engines like google choose weblogs in phrases of relevant results makes the concept of Blogger pages all the greater thrilling for the beginner/intermediate blogger or the website proprietor searching out strategies of supplementing net presence. If you operate Blogger for your promoting, take gain of the Pages characteristic of building your logo.

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