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What style way for international college students

College can be a completely ugly area in relation to style. It is a state of sweatpants, hoodies, denim and unisex Duke T-shirts, and for plenty humans, “picking a pleasant outfit” is the final factor on their to-do listing. Sometimes, when I say the phrase “style” out loud, my pals suppose that I’m talking some form of a mystery language.

For a long time, I believed that college fashion was lifeless. And then, after I was approximate to give up and buy 10 oversized hoodies on Amazon to match in, I decided to go searching all over again. And then I saw it. College style is alive and kicking — simply check international students.

One such student is first-yr Jamie Palka, who, in spite of her American passport, is Canadian at heart. We lately sat in her room in Bassett, laughing about a photoshoot we had the day earlier than, and each time Jamie mentioned Canada, her whole face lit up and her light-blue eyes commenced to glitter.

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Milena Ozernova
“I live in Buffalo, New York. It is 20 minutes from the Canadian border,” Palka stated. “Canada has constantly been an extension of my domestic — more like my backyard than the different USA.”

As Palka’s adolescence became similarly break up among America and Canada, her fashion now as it should be reflects the clash of those exclusive cultures and their someway similar effects. A summertime camp in Canada is the inspiration at the back of both of the clothing that Jamie assembled for our photoshoot.

“Growing up, a variety of the ladies I regarded as much as had this very awesome Canadian style,” Palka explained.

When she becomes a kid, she used to visit a summer season camp in Algonquin Park, which changed into famous among Canadian and French ladies. They had a very outdoorsy and rugged style that Palka slowly grew to love and appreciate.

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“Dirty leather, cargo pants, greens, darkish grays, and tan … This rustic Canadian style irrevocably modified my taste,” Palka stated.

The camp inspired Palka to pick out simplest the garments that gave her the potential to move in a manner such that she could be absolutely unfastened. This is why she now hates restrictions — especially proscribing garb. Her childhood legacy consists of Birkenstock slippers, Roots pants, an emblem-less poncho that she discovered at the streets of New York and rusty-searching Dr. Martens, made from leather-based and wool.

After speaking to Palka, I become inspired to journey to the alternative facet of the arena to discover new cultural patterns. Luckily, this changed into once I met Defne Yorgancioglu — a first-yr Turkish student who cannot believe her life without touring and, specifically, hitchhiking. Yorgancioglu describes her existence as a procedure of constant moving from area to vicinity, and her fashion is a clean representation of such an adventurous, fickle way of residing.

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“I certainly like getting things for reasonably-priced or free. Almost all of the garments I very own are either from bazaars, thrift stores or avenue markets,” Yorgancioglu stated. “I try to wear secondhand and cheap clothes as it permits me now not to care tons approximately what I’m carrying and simply stay my lifestyles, embracing all the risks and accidents. This is why a whole lot of my clothes look older, ragged and greater bohemian, not by means of desire but through necessity.

“In bazaars, we used to have these apparel piles wherein everybody may want to get a chunk of wardrobe for one lira [25 cents] and I had to make do with it,” Yorgancioglu continued. “I taught myself to sew and I found out to convert this garb into something that I could proudly put on.”

Yorgancioglu grew up in a seaside metropolis around Istanbul, so even at Duke her style nonetheless echoes the sounds of waves, seagulls, and rustling sand.

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“In my city, it became constantly hot and humid, so carrying secure flowy and cotton garments fast have become my habit,” Yorgancioglu informed me. “Now my cloth wardrobe is composed normally of blacks, browns, and reds because those are the colors that ring a bell in me of the Turkish lifestyle I grew up round.”

My metaphorical go to Turkey left me wondering how European tradition encouraged Duke students’ style. This is why I turned into so glad once I stumbled upon Elena Cavallero — a first-12 months global pupil from Italy who radiates sunshine wherever she goes. Cavallero’s huge smile and magical capability to mild up the distance around her actually come from developing up in Rome, soaking in its sunshine, beauty and style tradition.

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“Appearances are extremely important in Italy,” Cavallero stated. “Every nook of Rome is magnificent, shamelessly lovely, and people use their street fashion nearly as a manner to admire and complement this beauty.”

Cavallero explained that the main effects on her style had been the solar, gardens, Roman neoclassicism and the town’s abundance of open areas.

“My fashion has so many sides that it’s impossible to explain it with a single phrase,” Cavallero said. “It can be sublime and reserved or colorful and very smooth-going. My style is part of my lifestyles, and I try and fill it with joy and sunshine and flora and beauty! I am usually looking for adventures, having amusing and leaping around, so I want my garments to specific infinite positivity and love that Italy stuffed me with.”

Milena Ozernova

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Cavallero’s impeccable style sense is an extension of her character — the character that she advanced whilst living in one of the most lovely and lustrous cities inside the global. Her clothes bring the impacts of Rome’s majestic squares, baroque palaces, and shadowy parks, and he or she is proud to be different from different students.

College is a time for exploration and coming across your genuine self. But even as chasing instructional achievements, many human beings have a tendency to overlook about other things that lead them to specific, and style is absolutely one among them. Unlike domestic students, global college students comprise style into their regular lives to remind themselves of the nations they arrive from and create a domestic far far away from home. They use way of life as a canvas for creative expression and let fashion make a declaration approximately their lives.

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