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Who is Robin, you ask? If the first thought that popped into your mind was Robin Buckley Stranger Things, you aren’t far off the mark. Robin Buckley is a fictional character in the renowned TV series that has taken the world by storm, Stranger Things. 

Stranger Things has been an all-time favorite for many Netflix watchers. The show made its debut on the streaming platform in 2016 and has grown to become a must-watch. The Duffer Brothers brought the show into existence with a bit of help from Netflix to actualize the series.

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Stranger Things 

What starts as a show for children becomes a nightmare for them. The show may have revolved around a make-shift Scooby-Doo gang in search of their missing friend, but the manhunt becomes a monster hunt when an actual monster is involved. Not to mention how this takes place in the 80s, referencing many cinematic masterpieces while providing an equally pleasing yet relatable aesthetic to American life.

Set in a fictional town called Hawkins, Indiana, the show focuses on many characters, mainly a group of pre-teens. What could’ve been a feel-good kid’s show ended up being the most binged TV series with its gruesome graphics and intense storyline. The show also includes the parents of the pre-teens, giving the show its very own Nancy Drew in the form of the town’s Sheriff. 

Over the upcoming seasons, the audience was introduced to newcomers—some that stuck around, some that left with an impact on us. We’re going to focus on one character that stood out with her entrance in the show’s third season—the one and only Robin Buckley.

Stranger Things Robin Buckley

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Stranger Things 3 acquainted us with the show’s latest character, who would later become a main character in the show. Robin Buckley appeared in the series as Steve Harrington’s co-worker in Scoops Ahoy. Cast by star Maya Hawke, the actress is a perfect fit for the role. 

The actress filled in the role quite aptly. The Stranger Things Buckley gives a great first impression when she makes her fellow Scoops Ahoy worker the butt of her jokes. It is made easy thanks to Steve’s lack of chick magnetism, or as he puts the cause of it, “the stupid hat.” Despite being made a source of comic relief initially, Robin Buckley proves to be quite intelligent. 

This is seen when she claims to have developed fluency in many languages, proving this by helping Dustin decrypt the Russian-transmitted message. The Stranger Things Buckley also has an affinity towards music and is a member of the band in her high school. She even played soccer as a child. 

The personality of Stranger Things Robin Buckley:

Everything You Need to Know About 'Stranger Things' Character Robin Buckley

Robin Buckley is shown to be mostly sarcastic, mocking Steve at his failed attempts to pick up girls or in general. She’s pretty blunt when talking. Despite this, she is also known to be quite intelligent and well-versed in different languages. She’s also brave in the face of danger, not hesitating to put someone in their place and even fighting back when captured. 

Her personality is what pushes Dustin to believe that she would be a fit for Steve Harrington. The show may have subtly hinted at it by using Dustin as a catalyst, but it comes as a surprise when Robin reveals her sexuality to Steve in a drunken heart-to-heart. She disliked him for being the epitome of popularity in high school, especially since he had nothing special. This is made clearer when she reveals the actual reason was that her then-crush only had eyes for Steve, which would frustrate Robin.

However, she reveals that despite her cynicism, the Stranger Things Buckley wants to be accepted the way she is. Having faced adversity in high school with her lack of a social circle, Robin eventually shows her compassion towards Steve. She also proves to be a good negotiator when she bags Steve a job at Family Video. 

The sexuality of Robin Buckley:

Stranger Things Robin Buckley is confirmed to be a lesbian in the final episodes of the third season. She is the first confirmed LGBTQ+ character in the series. Initially considered to play a love interest for Steve Harrington, the Duffer Brothers were convinced to make her a lesbian instead during filming.

Style of Stranger Things Robin Buckley:

4 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Moments Where Robin Buckley Shines

Robin Buckley dresses up to suit her personality. She can be seen wearing clothes that tend to lean toward the men’s section. Most of her clothes look bigger than her body. Her clothes range from dress shirts to slacks, blazers, and ties. 

Her footwear includes converse sneakers or combat boots. In season 4, Robin sports a beret in the battle against Vecna with a patchwork jacket. The contrast between her overall style and that it followed during the 80s can be observed quite easily. But that’s what complements her so well.

A notable piece from her wardrobe would be the Robin Buckley converse. She wore red Converse shoes in the third season that Maya Hawke herself personalized! The star had doodled on it, making a striking one a major characteristic of the Stranger Things Buckley. 

One of the doodles was that of breasts and the word “boob.” This would go on to subtly push the Duffer Brothers into making her a queer character. While it may not be spotted that well in the show, this tiny detail may have just characterized the Robin Buckley we know and have come to love now.

Relationships of Robin Buckley:

Stranger Things'; Maya Hawke on Robin Coming Out - Variety


The Stranger Things Robin Buckley may have been introduced as a love interest for Steve Harrington, but their friendship resonated deeper. This is seen in the fourth season of the series. While her initial aversion to him may have been a dealbreaker, they both get to know each other while bonding when captured by the Russians. 

Other notable relationships are with Erica Sinclair and Dustin Henderson as they bond when they’re trapped in an elevator leading to the underground Russian base. The fourth season shows us how Robin tries to strike up a friendship with Nancy Wheeler, seeking her approval for her friendship with Steve while clarifying it as well. They work together to learn more about Vecna and solve the mystery surrounding his past and powers. 

Season 4 also introduced us to Robin’s crush Vickie, played by Amybeth McNulty. Vickie is Robin’s bandmate. The show may have provided us with limited screen time of the two lovebirds, but it was endearing nevertheless. We look forward to their future interactions in the next season. 

That’s all there is to know about Stranger Things Robin Buckley. Remember to stream Stranger Things on Netflix to catch up on the latest season. Happy watching!

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