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The Decline in Commercial Construction Jobs Leads to Increase in Residential Jobs

Construction employment has declined across the country as projects are being canceled due to the pandemic. This mainly impacts big projects where investors have had to pull money out they had invested since everyone is being walloped financially. Some areas of the construction industry have increased as people are still buying homes and need home repairs. However, some states, along with commercial construction employees, have seen an increase in unemployment numbers.

States Impacted

Some states across the country have been affected more than others.

States with the greatest employment loss in the construction industry according to Associated the General Contractors of America include:

  • Vermont – nearly 50 percent
  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Massachusetts
It should be noted that all of these states had very strict shutdowns.
Commercial and Residential Construction

As mentioned before, the commercial side of the construction industry was hit the hardest. Unemployment numbers are almost double as they were last year at this time, and the decline is still going strong. However, when it comes to the construction industry’s residential side, some added jobs were added. This is likely due to the continued work on new housing developments and repairs during the pandemic.

Working on Your Own Construction Project

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