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Central internet for schools to be behind schedule again

The Public Procurement Office (ÚVO), led by Miroslav Hlivák, seeing that autumn, is probably to halt the good deal-awaited Edunet project in the end. The Office ordered the cancellation of the already-finished smooth at the quit of February. The Swan organization, which is part of the DanubiaTel Group, became alleged to win an order really worth € sixty-four. 4 million. However, one of the unsuccessful candidates appealed, the Same every day wrote on March 21. Its call has no longer been discovered but. Other failed bidders The 2d lowest bid becomes submitted using Slovanet and the 1/3 via Slovak Telekom, which have been imparting the internet to faculties, as a part of the Infovek task, for numerous years. Slovak Telekom gets around €400,000 a month for this challenge. O2 submitted the bottom bid, amounting to around €56 million. The ministry excluded O2 from the tender. However, the employer did now not an enchantment. The motives for the ÚVO’s contemporary decision remain unknown.

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Together with Alicia Fair-play, we had been mentioning that this task has now not been set up well,” head of the Slovensko. Digital civic association, Ján Hargaš, informed the daily. “It wishes to be stopped and re-made. The gentle became announced with the Education Ministry’s aid at the end of 2015, while Juraj Draxler (Smer) became the minister. Back in the summertime, then-training minister Peter Plavčan (SNS) introduced that the ÚVO had nothing towards the soft results. He ought to sign the agreement with the winner – with an unmarried problem discovered that had no impact on the result – on the condition that the bidders must accept as true with the maximum fees of services stipulated by using the ministry. However, they did now not, in the long run, follow this circumstance when evaluating the bids.

Reasons for verdict unknown

It isn’t always recognized why the procurement workplace determined to halt the gentle, and the ministry, led by way of incumbent Education Minister Martina Lubyová (additionally SNS nominee), has not commented, both. ÚVO has now not completed the method with a powerful ruling yet, its spokesperson Janka Zvončeková instructed Some. Mid-April predicts official stances.


We are sorry that instructors and kids around Slovakia are the hostages of conduct by way of this organization – left to paintings with out of date and insufficient solutions,” said the spokesperson of Swan, Matúš Benčík. Slovensko. Digital claims that many vendors could deliver the quickest and inexpensive net connection to faculties, including that the soft become set up in a manner that handiest four out of extra than 300 suppliers available on the market participated in it, Hargaš introduced.

Vladimír Croman of the Slovak Chamber of Teachers welcomed the ÚVO choice, commenting for Some that the complete assignment was nonsense from the very beginning and that to prevent corruption, it would be excellent if faculties received the money directly and will choose from among nearby carriers. Overzealous and Misguided Joker Broker Types and Agents Are Often the Biggest Obstacles in Successfully Closing Deals or Making Money in Oil Trading


According to studies, in the main due to the significant position that the Internet has performed in international buying and selling, the real marketplace for the intermediaries or middlemen inside the international ‘secondary’ market trading has been collapsing pretty swiftly these days. Estimates from such professionals and bills via the experienced trader assert that the year 2000 turned into the ultimate “suitable 12 months” for the enterprise intermediary. Kamal J. Southall, for example, keeps that “after 2000, the critical mass of agents and buyers who have been ill-knowledgeable and poorly trained, in addition to of fraudulently implemented gives and scams, reached the factor that actual cease-shoppers manufacturers and suppliers sincerely stopped responding [to intermediaries] besides in extraordinary cases.”

Southall estimates, citing any other experts’ calculation, that out of a few one million individuals presently trying to make it as agents or trade intermediaries inside the international, “possibly no extra than 1% has the education and ability had to ever near a deal… [meaning that] the overpowering majority, are trading blindly, [hence] deals are collapsing… And greater to the point, [oil dealers are] being defrauded vastly from time to time.

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In factor of fact, the consensus among professionals is that previously, before the cutting-edge advent of the predominance of the Internet in global trading when facsimile and telex buying and selling had been the superb medium for the business, there had existed a reasonably sturdy and viable market, even though small, for the intermediary agent. It turned into rather common for an intermediary to occasionally get to a settlement remaining level and shut deals and earn at least affordable fee earning. But that there has NOT been such a middleman marketplace recently for a few years now, for that new Internet technology. But instead, that such a marketplace for the middleman has essentially been dead for all but the maximum skilled and experienced middleman in the market nowadays – killed in the element, even though in no way absolutely, with the aid of the preeminent use of the Internet medium through the Internet dealer and middleman.

Advances in statistics and conversation technology (ICT) have become important to nations’ social and monetary tendencies. ICT has supplied methods to transact businesses and converted nations and organizations into expertise based totally on financial systems and facts societies with electronically linked interdependent relationships. Education in the twenty-first century is fine positioned to make use of these evolving opportunities to boost a better percentage of the worldwide population out of illiteracy and poverty. The global barriers have shriveled through the Internet, and the motion and switch of ideas throughout countries by industries, academia, and people sky-rocked. For UNESCO and different businesses centered on facilitating worldwide literacy, particularly in the developing nations, Internet Virtual Classrooms and Labs (IVC) would be pivotal to figuring out their objectives quicker and with lesser resources.

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