In an announcement made on March 23rd, Blockstream — the main issuer of blockchain technologies — discovered its second new Lightning App (Lapp). The Lightning Publisher for WordPress is a plug-in that affords everybody the capability to become their own writer by allowing them to acquire bills for sharing their content on a WordPress gadget. Notes Blocks team: After the author power up the Lapp, readers will be capable of preview an article at the blog; they can choose to get admission to the entire content by using making a Lightning micropayment, a good way to be sent to the writer’s Lightning Charge server. The Lightning Publisher for WordPress is Blockstream’s second Lapp utilizing Lightning Charge — the enterprise’s new micropayment processing system for the Lightning Network. Lightning Charge gives net developers the capability to create Lapps without difficulty; take a look at Blockstream’s c-lightning implementation of the Lightning Network protocol.


The Lightning Publisher for WordPress follows WooCommerce Lightning Gateway, a wellknown internet-trade solution released earlier this yr, and FileBazaar, a pay-according to-view utility released on March twenty-second. As is the case with FileBazaar, Lightning Publisher for WordPress gives creators the capacity to independently make cash for their content without having to depend on conventional marketing-based totally web revenue. Additionally, it puts greater power into readers’ hands, who can determine which articles they want to buy and immediately send micropayments to their publisher of preference.


The Lightning Network is undoubtedly surging in reputation this 12 months, with over 2000 channels actively working this month and funding inside the generation pouring in. Last week, Bitcoinist stated how Lightning Labs secured $2.Five million in seed investment from donors, including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Lightning Labs additionally introduced its first Lightning beta launch, Lightning Daemon. Though the Lightning Network has most effectively been available in Bitcoin’s manner because of the quiet of 2017, it’s miles already poised to revolutionize the web panorama inside the close to future. Wrote The Hive’s leader product officer Kamesh Raghavendra:

The initial deployments of Lightning will most likely be driven by exchanges and traders managing cryptocurrencies. We see a possibility for Lightning to redefine the railings of world alternate & trade inside the three-five 12 months horizon. What do you consider the Lightning Publisher for WordPress? How long do you believe you studied it will take for the Lightning Network to revolutionize the online panorama? Let us recognize within the comments beneath! These days, WordPress net improvement has grown to become ed for some of the enterprise proprietors because of thbecauseves greater functions than a running blogging device.


For a maximum of the business proprietors, the maximum crucial thing is to locate the satisfactory ways of marketing their products and services to attain out to the capability customers. In this direction, the foremost steps are to create a unique internet site capable of making their commercial enterprise stand out inside the crowd. Though some of the online gear is to be had on the web, WordPress secures the listing placement. Large, medium, or small agencies all discover it the maximum economic and simplest technique to live on at the net platform. There is an extended list of advantages that can be grabbed with WordPress web development, inclusive of:

Control the internet site on your own:

It is right that you have hired professionals to handle the entire WordPress internet improvement. Obviously, they constructed a remarkable internet site for you. But, being a proprietor of the internet site, you can’t forget about the website after its design. WordPress is clean to address the platform. Consequently, you can take care of the maintenance technique on your very own. It is viable to edit or delete the content material, add snapshots, and add movies. WordPress improvement also comes with the accessibility of pills and smartphones, allowing business people to get the gadgets linked to the internet.

Gain online presence @ low value:

There are numerous mediums to make an internet save to be had to the capability clients. Any medium can’t be as convenient as WordPress because it offers a possibility to the agencies to construct a custom internet site by placing themes. The presence of pre-set designs reduces the hardships of coding, layout, and design. Besides, it saves a huge part of the estimated finances set to spend on the advertising. WordPress net improvement seems a suitable alternative for both optimization and navigation purposes. And it presents better results under the guidance of an expert developer.

Easy in phrases of renovation & enhancement:


A wide form of plug-ins is available for free, which can be carried out using WordPress experts with no trouble. If you hire an excellent net development employer, then you may expect to enhance the website functionality because these capabilities are utilized accurately in step with your commercial enterprise needs. Thus, the above-referred factors make it clear that WordPress net improvement is a top-notch approach to improving your enterprise’s productivity. The purpose behind it is pretty simple, as this platform comes with incomparable gear and resources to construct a robust internet site.

WordPress has been around because 2003 and is the most popular blogging software program available on the market. Over the previous few years, WordPress has additionally emerged as the content material control software program of desire for non-running blog websites. Here are the pinnacle 10 motives why WordPress is so famous and why you may need to recall switching to a WordPress platform on your organization’s internet site.

1. Ease of Use

WordPress could be very smooth to use and has an intuitive interface. Adding new pages, weblog posts, photographs, and many others. On a normal basis is a breeze and can be finished fast. Because the generation is so simple, time spent on formatting is greatly decreased.

2. Manage Your Website from Any Computer

WordPress is browser-primarily based. You can log in from any Internet-connected computer and manipulate your website.

3. No HTML Editing or FTP Software Required

WordPress is a self-contained machine and does not require HTML modifying the software (such as Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver). You can create a brand new web page, or weblog publish, format text, add pics (and edit them), add documents, video documents, picture galleries, etc. All without the need for additional HTML or FTP software.

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