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Why the Need to Renew School Mission Today?

During the ultimate decade of last century, the world has witnessed an unrecorded high-speed medical and technological revolution which impacted all factors of life and brought approximately considerable adjustments characterized by means of the swiftness of their dissemination, particularly inside the domain of schooling and schooling. Obviously, faculties -in developed and developing nations- are no longer what they were.

In this appreciate, schooling stakeholders in Tunisia have predicted the difficulties that might necessarily rise up due to those massive ameliorations, by means of deeply reflecting on the issue of the renewed venture of the school in an international bound to witness deep modifications affecting the structure of society and knowledge, the methods of labor and the method of production.

That’s why we can word that the academic device in our USA is witnessing a deep reform motion in an effort to adhere to a society in which outstanding knowledge has to grow to be the motive of peoples’ development and the premise for their immunity and strength.

High-tech mutations have posed -and maintain to posing- serious demanding situations to high school, which had to imperatively rethink its goals, methods, and way. As a reaction to these challenges, decision-makers inside the area of schooling have given instructional reform an outstanding degree amongst their occupations and made it an absolute precedence to improve fast the educational device. In truth, reform redefined the finalities and missions of faculty, instituted obligatory and loose fundamental education, and restructured secondary schooling, in a manner that makes Tunisian education resolutely grew to become closer to the future. Upgrading academic human resources, legitimate syllabuses and ways of implementing the brand new reform are basically the 3 strategies undertaken to hold our colleges up to date. It goes without pronouncing that we’re aware of the difficulties we’re confronted with; it is a struggle which needs conviction, patience, commitment and most significant change of mentalities. Despite some slowness and reluctance -quite regular at the start of each trade- the process is under way.

Because destiny-orientated schools require the mastery of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as gear to get admission to the modern society of expertise, we’ve got taken them each as a method to replace our instructional system and as an effective teaching and studying accomplice. The integration of ICT in the teaching-gaining knowledge of techniques has to turn out to be an indicator that stresses what’s referred to as the Tunisian visionary approach which targets to steer humans toward a higher destiny wherein each person has a share, a function, and a position. These technologies constitute a strategic preference in our destiny-orientated colleges and they intention to:

* be used as a coaching resource to help newbies,

* get entry to various fields of know-how,

*, Ensure a strong trendy training in all fundamental fields.

Apart from equipping our tutorial institutions with computer systems and Internet connection and integrating ICT in our normal college practices, we’re contributing to the improvement of distance schooling through the Tunisian Virtual School (TVS) which has been launched due to the fact 2002. The TVS provides its users -students and educators- with free interactive guides and education tutorials to help them improve their face-to-face schooling.

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Nevertheless, within the area of ICT-based totally training, there are nevertheless demanding situations at the character, countrywide and global ranges that need to be triumph over due to the fact the overall performance of an education gadget is no longer measured with the aid of the scale of the college-going populace or quantity of funds allocated to it, but by means of the ratio between those enrolled in college and those who leave and feature experienced exquisite learning.

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