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What Triggers Ex-Secretary General Angelo Reyes’ Suicidal Act?

It is just lately whilst Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago seemed the AFP’s retired Secretary-General Angelo Reyes as “a useless guy walking” due to his involvement in the currently unveiled corruption in AFP finances. Today, people are staggered upon hearing the news telling that Angelo Reyes is dead. He is dead now, not because he was killed, but rather he has devoted himself to suicide. Earlier nowadays, at precisely eight:32 inside the morning, retired General Angelo Reyes of AFP changed into declared useless through the Quirino sanatorium medical doctors who tried to store his lifestyles. He turned into brought to the hospital through worried residents who determined him wounded and blooded at the Loyola Memorial Park at around 7:00 this morning. According to the witnesses, the General shot himself right in front of his mother and father’s grave.

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People at the moment are asking if what makes the ex-preferred killed himself. Would or not it’s the recent AFP difficulty concerning himself? Does it imply he is guilty as charged? When Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago said the Reyes is a “dead man taking walks”, for sure the secretary did no longer think about the overall’s real death. It is just a metaphor that one way or the other portrays the modern-day and destiny existence Reyes has and is supposed to stand. And one way or the other, Santiago’s phrases coincide on the cutting-edge suicidal act of General Reyes. Perhaps, Reyes notion that there is no way for him to get away from being punished. But this is if he truely notion, he’s guilty as charged.

Just with the testimony given through Commission On Audit (COA) auditor Heidi Mendoza, people can tell how credible the accusation in opposition to the ex-generals of AFP is. And basing at the replies of the accused personnel in the course of the Senate hearings, humans can also experience a lie. Yet, they remained consistent with their solution that goes, “Sorry, I could not consider.” Therefore, it’s miles greater than just an accusation. It is, however, the fact that those whistleblowers and witnesses are attempting to reveal, to permit all Filipinos to become aware of it.

The truth concerning corruption in the navy budget is now becoming a sizable buzz online and offline. As a count number of reality, this problem has already reached the United Nations, in which AFP’s Php200 million fund virtually got here from. It became given as the UN’s donation for the Armed Forces of the Philippines to better the Philippine army. But the leaking problem on AFP fund rip-off has absolutely disillusioned the United Nations, pronouncing that their donation became just misused. Like the Philippines, the United Nations is likewise conducting applicable research in this count.

Considering that no longer best the Philippines’ Senate Blue Ribbon Committee is investigating the issue, maybe Reyes got here to comprehend that he has no getaway. Perhaps, he may want to neither sleep nor devour. As an ex-army, he handiest has two possible options: admit it and be punished or quit everything by killing himself. He made up his thoughts, and these days, he selected to do the latter. And now Angelo Reyes is lifeless.

Now that he’s dead, what occurs subsequent? What will the 2 final accused do then?

Angelo is lifeless, so, the senate now has to investigate the last accused former AFP officers such as Ligot and Cimatu. But what if these will do the same component Reyes did these days? Of course, no person can tell what occurs next. What occurs to the retired Secretary-General Angelo Reyes may additionally function as a lesson for those corrupt government officers, now and earlier than. While a few people salute what Reyes did, many assume he is well worth it. It is now time to wrap corruption up and begin doing a smooth job to assist remove inequity for the Philippines united states’ betterments.

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