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What is Sola Wood Flowers?

Sola wood flowers are flowers that are made of a wood called sola or Shola. Yes, it is surprising, but you heard right—the flowers are made of wood. The Sola wood flowers are the future of wedding and home decoration. The flowers look so adorable that everyone falls in love with them as soon as they see them. The Sola wood flowers are biodegradable, have a long life, and are naturally made. The flowers are nature friendly and last longer than normal flowers. They are no less beautiful than normal flowers. They have a plus point over normal a flower: the normal flowers die within a week, whereas they last much longer than that. No bride wants their wedding bouquet to die, so the sola flowers are the best option.

Sola Wood Flowers

What is Sola Wood?

A frequently asked question is that what sola wood is. The answer to this is that sola wood is obtained from a tapioca plant root called Cassava. It is one of the lightest woods in the world. The plant can be well grown in tropical climates, and the plant is also drought-resistant. To process the wood for flowers, the bark is peeled off the plant’s root, and the center is exposed.

A creamy cork-like center is visible, and then it is converted into thin sheets to make sola flowers. Usually, when the bark is peeled, some part of it stays on the thin sheets, which give a two-color effect on the flowers. The sheets can be made with the bark as well. These thin sheets are used to make flowers by hand, and no machines are used in them. The flowers made with and without skin can be dyed into different colors as well. Hence, the question that sola wood flowers are made of is answered that they are made of Sola wood obtained from the Cassava plant.

How to make Sola Wood Flowers?

The answer to how to make sola wood flowers is that the thin sheets are made of Cassava plant, and then the sheets are converted into flowers. The craftsmen convert these sheets into flowers by their hands, and no machines are used in their making. When the bark is removed from the plant, some part is left on the wood, and it gives a double shade effect on the flowers and makes them more beautiful. The flowers made with bark are called skin flowers, and those made without bark are skinless flowers. Both types of flowers can be further dyed into different colors to beautify their looks. Also, it is straightforward to reshape sola wood flowers. One needs to dip the flower in warm water just enough to wet the flower. Once the flour is wet, you need to start reshaping the petals so that they can gain a new shape. Once the reshaping is done, one needs to leave them for drying, and it is done.

Sola Wood Flowers by girls

How to dye Sola Wood Flowers?

Another question that arises is how to dye sola wood flowers. To answer this, the easiest way to paint sola wood flowers is with acrylic paints. For beginners, it is the best idea as they are easily available and cheaper. Also, they come in a variety of shades so that one can create a rainbow of flowers. To color the flowers, one needs water and paint. One needs to mix both to dye the flowers. To get a brighter color on the flower, one needs to add less water and more paint. Instead of water, one can also use a Sola softener. Other than acrylic paints, other paints that can be used to dye the sola wood flowers are latex paint, watercolors, spray paints, fabric dye, and even wine can be used.

How long does Sola Flowers last?

Another usually asked question is that how long do sola wood flowers last. The answer to it is the sola flowers last forever until they are not thrown in a wooden shredder. They have a long-lasting life than normal flowers. They are stronger than they are. Their beauty can be sustained if they are properly cleaned regularly. They no less looks like natural flowers. Also, to give them a more realistic touch, one can apply fragrance oil to the petals to give a fragrance to the flowers.

Where to buy Sola Wood Flowers?

This question is frequently asked where to buy sola wood flowers. One can easily find such flowers in online stores or can search over the internet. If one is ordering online, then there are chances that their shape is lost during shipping or packaging. So, one might need to reshape them in the way mentioned above, and the flowers are all beautiful again. One can also buy flea wood sheets and make flowers at home if one has spare time. But most customers prefer buying already made flowers as they have less time to spare.

If one is buying sola wood flowers wholesale, they might cost cheaper to the buyer. It is always said that goods cost lesser when bought wholesale. First of all, one should assess the need for how many flowers are required and for what purpose they are needed. After assessing, one can order the right quantity and decide whether to go for the wholesale store or the retail store. Also, certain websites provide for sola wood flowers bulk, and also it costs less as well.

Sola wood flowers have gain popularity over time. They are seen as the future of decoration because of their long-lasting life and beauty. The customer’s sola wood flowers reviews also reflect that they are highly preferable. Also, they think that the flowers are soft, beautiful, and look like the original ones. Hence, sola wood flowers are a great choice for people who love beautiful decorations around them.

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