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Traveling Colombia through apps

If you have decided to travel to Colombia and explore this South American country, you must know all the best apps to make your trip the easiest. Especially in Bogotá, Colombia’s capital, you will see how most people use apps for delivery services, bus transport, rideshares, and more. Check the list below, so you’re prepared when you arrive.

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Rappi is the most popular delivery app in Colombia for locals and foreigners. It allows you to have food and other items delivered to your doorstep. You only need to download it, put your address and basic details, and start using it. The app shows places close to you, like restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and others selling essential items. The delivery costs range between 3,000 and 6,500 pesos, around 1 to 2 dollars. After placing your order, you can track it until it reaches your door. If an item you requested isn’t available, they will contact you to provide other options. You also have the alternative of “Rappi Favor”, where you can get someone to pick something and take it from one place to another.


Merqueo is a supermarket app that most Colombians use. You can order groceries online and forget about spending a few hours at the supermarket. The only problem is when an item can’t be found, as the app doesn’t provide an option to choose another, so they would not place it. Still, users usually make big orders, and most items are normally in stock.

Mercado Libre

Mercado Libre is the local version of Amazon in Colombia. Anything you can’t find in Rappi is probably in Mercado Libre. You can order many items for reasonable prices, and the selection is massive. You can buy furniture, toys, kitchen items, and many more. Before making final decisions, check the reviews and confirm how often the product has been sold. Ensure the seller doesn’t look sketchy, as it could be a scam. Always go with your gut.


This is the most popular app in Colombia if you want to get clothes. You can find a selection for men and women. After checking all the items, you can shop directly from the seller and only pay one delivery cost. You can buy from different stores and pay for only one delivery. Then you can expect your order in a few days and enjoy your new clothes.

Colombia Check- Mig Form

Traveling to Colombia is one of the best experiences you could ever have. Check the apps beforehand and start planning your trip. You should also know the mandatory documentation you need for your trip. In this case, you must obtain the Colombia Check- Mig Form, an official document registering your health status. Luckily, iVisa can process your information and provide the travel document in time for your trip. Then you can expect an email with the electronic record and show it to immigration authorities in Colombia. You will have a smooth entry. Colombia is ready to welcome you!

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