Sony Yay assigns creative mandate to Beanstalk Asia

Sony Pictures Networks’ children leisure channel, Sony Yay, has appointed Beanstalk Asia to address its creative duties. The account becomes received following a multi-business enterprise pitch. Leena Lele Dutta, commercial enterprise head, Sony Pictures Networks India, Kids Genre, said, “At Sony Yay, it’s essential for us to get companions on-board who are aligned to our imaginative and prescient and paintings intently with us every step of the way supporting us achieve our goals. We are thrilled to have Beanstalk Asia on board as our creative companion. They effectively ticked off all our necessities and effectively incorporated the emblem proposition in each concept they showcased. We are searching ahead to this adventure with Beanstalk Asia, which guarantees to be packed with creativity and a laugh.

Sony Yay assigns creative mandate to Beanstalk Asia 11

Upendra Singh Thakur, founder, and director, Beanstalk Asia, stated, “Beanstalk Asia is worked up to companion Sony Yay, which is pleasantly placed to capture the minds of youngsters with their delightful mix of original desi indicates. We convey to the table an in-depth understanding and considerable revel in creating impactful advertising and marketing inside the kids’ tv segment. At Beanstalk Asia, we follow rigors to reach a customer behavior perception and sync this insight strategically with the emblem requirements to create tailor-made answers. And most significantly, if you add toddler-like enthusiasm and dollops of insanity, you’re bound to make a large influence in the global of children. We stay up for a stimulating journey with Sony Yay to stir up this segment.

God hooked up the Mentoring Mandate for Women! The bible says the elder girls educate the more youthful ones to like their households, keep their houses, and make a profit. Profitable ladies supporting other ladies! And it is not simply is not a Biblical concept; it is an order! Welcome to the 21st Century! Women are transferring to the leading edge as commercial enterprise proprietors, and mentoring is the new hot component. Right?


Women commercial enterprise proprietors and the concepts of mentoring are as antique humanity on planet Earth. We want to reconcile the Century 21 way of life with Proverbs 31 principle. We want to settle that God’s divine plan is that girls own worthwhile companies; that girls are to be encouraged via individuals who cross earlier than them; and educate those who observe at the back of.

Twenty-first Century America nonetheless struggles with the proper vicinity of women in society. The women’s combat for equality frequently confuses the concept of equitable with the concept of the sameness. Men and girls have been created as equals, but we had been now not created to be identical. We not best look exceptional; however, God additionally “stressed” us otherwise. We have the same repute; however, we’ve got a special purpose.

There is a Bible study principle referred to as the “regulation of the first point out.” This principle states that the first time an element is mentioned within the scripture is good-sized and defines or offers a foundational shape for that idea at some stage in scripture. God’s mentoring mandate for girls is first stated and established in Genesis 1.

In Genesis 1:26 (creation day 6), the Bible statistics “And God said, Let us make the guy in our image…..” The word translated as “guy” is Adam. The phrase, Adam, isn’t a call. It is a Hebrew word because of this man or woman or individual. The subsequent verse makes this point even more clear. Substituting the word “human being” for man, we read Genesis 1:27 as So God created a person in His own image; in the picture of God He created him; male and female He created them.” That information of the word- Adam permits the verse to make the greater experience. God created humans as males and females. He did not make a male-guy and a girl-man.

Man and the lady had been created on the 6th day- the male first, after which, the lady. God created Adam-male. He showed him the garden; he had the Adam-male call all of the creatures. But then, God says something interesting. God says, “It isn’t always suitable that the person needs to be by myself; I will make him a help meet for him.” Gen 2:18 NKJV

The first component- “It isn’t always precise that the man has to be on my own;” can be more appropriately translated, “This individual isn’t enough or entire alone;” The 2nd element is vital to God’s plan for women and our know-how that plan. “…I will make him an assist meet [helper] for him.” The word translated “assist meet” is the Hebrew time period, Ezer cenegdo. If you bear with me for a chunk, we want to take a brief aspect journey. We need to choose up an idea. We’re going to need to understand this subject matter completely.

The phrases we use and the phrases we pick can limit how we suppose and what we can reflect consideration on. In Scotland, they have a phrase, “smirk.” Smirr refers to tiny droplets of moisture discovered in a brisk wind- similar to frozen mist. These droplets are sufficient to dampen without making you wet. And at the same time, as it’s no longer simply ice, it stings because it hits your skin. There isn’t any English word for smile. The loss of this phrase limits your potential to think about it. If I had attempted to explain the climate circumstance to you in English, I could have to call it rain or mist. You may want to in no way have a complete know-how of smirr because neither of these words completely explains the occasion.

The Bible is like that from time to time. Smirr isn’t always similar to rain. Ezer cenegdo is no longer the same as “helpmeet.” The phrase translated assistance is ezer. Ezer manner to useful resource and surround with help and safety. The word ezer is used 22 instances inside the Old Testament. Twice it’s miles used on this story about the introduction of female and the opposite twenty instances it refers to “assist from the Lord.” The phrase ezer comes from an aggregate of two historical root words. One means “electricity”; the alternative means “electricity.” The phrase cenegdo is commonly translated as “mate.” The fullest knowledge of cenegdo is “face to face, finishing counterpart.

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