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Saudi Arabia Says Revamping Education to Combat

Saudi Arabia is revamping its training curriculum to eradicate any trace of Muslim Brotherhood affect and could brush aside anyone working inside the quarter who sympathises with the banned organization, the training minister said.

Promoting a more slight shape of Islam is one of the guarantees made by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman underneath plans to modernize the deeply conservative Muslim country.
The schooling ministry is running to “combat extremist ideologies by means of reviewing faculty curricula and books to ensure they do now not replicate the banned Muslim Brotherhood’s schedule,” Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Isa stated in an announcement issued on Tuesday.

It could “ban such books from colleges and universities and dispose of individuals who sympathize with the organization or its ideology from their posts,” he delivered.

In September, a big Saudi public college introduced it would brush aside personnel suspected of ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, adding to worries that the government is clamping down on its critics in academia and beyond.

Earlier this month, Crown Prince Mohammed informed CBS in an interview that Saudi faculties had been “invaded” by factors of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been specified by using Saudi Arabia as a terrorist organization alongside other militant agencies such as al Qaeda and Islamic State.


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The young crown prince has already taken a few steps to loosen Saudi Arabia’s ultra-strict social regulations, scaling back the role of religious morality police, allowing public concerts and pronouncing plans to permit ladies to force.

The ruling Al Saud circle of relatives has constantly seemed Islamist corporations as a chief internal danger to its rule over a rustic in which appeals to nonsecular sentiment resonate deeply and an al Qaeda campaign a decade ago killed hundreds.

Since the dominion’s founding, the Al Saud have loved a near alliance with clerics of the ultra-conservative Wahhabi faculty of Islam who have espoused a political philosophy that demands obedience to the ruler.

By evaluation, the Brotherhood advances an energetic political doctrine urging innovative movement.

A political Islamist organization based in Egypt nearly a century in the past, the Muslim Brotherhood says it is devoted to peaceful activism and reform via elections, and its adherents span the area, maintaining the elected workplace in Arab international locations from Tunisia to Jordan.

Brotherhood members fleeing repression in Egypt, Syria and Iraq half of a century ago took safe haven in Saudi Arabia, some taking up roles within the state’s schooling system and helping to establish the Sahwa or “Awakening” motion which agitated within the Nineties for democracy.

The Sahwa primarily fizzled, with a few activists arrested and others coaxed into conformity, although admirers and its attraction lingered.

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