Samsung Epic 4G – The New Android Phone In The Sprint Family

The Samsung Epic 4G is one of the latest telephones that include the 4G community, supporting more than one band frequencies. This makes it a top-notch device for global radio transmission, song playing, and video shooting. It has a trendy keyboard whose keys are arranged like the ones of a laptop. Alongside its many multimedia uses, it also has a digicam utility that takes video front on. The display is likewise LED enabled, which lets in the colorful mild display.

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Samsung Epic 4G Review

Among the Galaxy S smartphones unveiled through the producer, this version is in a category of its personal. The Samsung Epic 3G evaluation exhibits that it has better software than other comparable gadgets. It can multitask whether on a demo, video mode, or playing and recording music. The digital device has an extensive display and a surprisingly large outdoors, making it resemble a small laptop. Like the Samsung Epic 4G Android, it provides connectivity to the Wi-Fi community, amplifying whilst attached to other hardware. Key to this community connectivity is its dynamic provider as a hotspot gadget that could efficiently come up with the money for a number of the best speeds along with multiple bandwidths. Furthermore, it has the potential of a huge record that could accommodate music, films, video games, and other media downloads. Though substantially larger than other clever telephones, it’s far pretty portable either in a pocket or by hand.

Samsung Epic 4G Specifications

Samsung Epic 4G specs include those of the interior and the outdoors. The cellular smartphone is made of a huge touch display that allows a couple of coloration shows. This display, which could generate distinct hue combinations, can also convey excellent visual outcomes to captured video. It has a megapixel video tool that enables the taking of massive clips of excessive-resolution video. The black-hued device has a dimensional profile of four—nine” and 2.54 inches in period and width. The square tool has a trim linear outdoors that renders it compact and elegant to own. It has added a sensor that detects the ear whilst creating a name. This renders the display screen clean that allows you to facilitate the decision.

Samsung Epic 4G Price

The new phone has a marketplace price of $249.Ninety-nine which is together with a warranty length of years for which the client can return it to the shop where they sold it for the added carrier. Additionally, this tool’s customers need to pay approximately $10 during the usage of its 4G data. This situation additionally applies when one is downloading statistics on the internet. All in all, Samsung’s Epic 4G rate is reflective of the superior software that makes it a multipurpose electronic tool critical to commercial enterprise people.

The Samsung Epic 4G is a phone that can surf the internet, concentrate on online radio, and shoot big clips of video. This model additionally operates the WiMAX device. It also synchronizes to supportable packages that come with distinctive programs. All those utilities are made efficaciously navigable by way of the computer-like keyboard. The release date for Samsung Epic 4g is 31st August 2010, and you can also pre-order from Amazon, and they may deliver it on thirty-first August 2010 for just $199.99, and you could store $50 in this new 4g member of the Sprint family.

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