Property problem: HC imposes fees on spouse of retired IAS officer

The prices were imposed on Shobha Prabhakara, fifty-four, spouse of retired IAS officer K.S. Prabhakara.
The High Court of Karnataka has imposed costs of ₹25,000 on the spouse of a retired IAS officer for allegedly making unsuccessful attempts, with the assist of her husband, to take possession of a property from an NRI girl without making fee as consistent with the sale deed.

The prices have been imposed on Shobha Prabhakara, 54, wife of retired IAS officer K.S. Prabhakara.

Justice P.S. Dinesh Kumar handed the order on a utility filed by using 30-yr-vintage Renuka Seshadri, who are living in Dubai, UAE. The Court also directed that the assets will stay in petitioner’s possession till the courtroom’s very last verdict.

The Court noticed that the petitioner, Mr. Prabhakara, and their accomplices attempted to forcibly take ownership, and found that it might be “a travesty of justice” if courts stay “silent spectator” in a case of this nature, which could act in aid of litigants like Mr. Prabhakara, who belongs to the family of “coveted civil services and motel to illegal method to take ownership of the belongings, without paying consideration, from a gullible non-resident citizen.”

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Restraint order
The Court additionally restricted Mr. And Ms. Prabhakara and their men from interfering inside the peaceful possession of the belongings by using the petitioner till final verdict.

Ms. Shobha had agreed to buy the property for ₹1.39 crore and paid around ₹10 lakh in cash as improve to Ms. Renuka.

The sale deed turned into performed on November 30, 2016, and the client had given a cheque for the final quantity of ₹1.27 crore. However, this cheque changed into dishonor.

Following this, Ms. Renuka despatched an email to Mr. Prabhakara in January 2017, who spoke back that the loan is yet to be sanctioned, and so forth.

Following this, Ms. Renuka filed a match inside the civil courtroom, which did now not supply her period in-between protection from continuing to possess the assets because the sale deed was carried out.

However, the High Court on February 26, 2018, directed the parties to hold reputation quo.

Following this, Mr. Prabhakara and his guys allegedly attempted to “forcefully” take ownership of the property on March nine, 2018 ensuing in the registration of a criminal case of the attack in opposition to him by petitioner’s father, who was living on the property. Mr. Prabhakara lodged a counter criticism the following day.

Meanwhile, the Court cited that though the sale deed became completed on the basis that charge changed into made, a clause within the sale deed itself had clarified that the receipt of sale attention became the concern to the realization of the cheque, making the sale incomplete.

Submitted On September 02, 2011

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When you figure in industrial or retail belongings management, the handover system adopted when taking up a new belongings control is important to the give up the end result. Preparation is the important thing to effective property management handover. As the belongings supervisor, the achievement of handover is completely on your fingers.

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When different marketers are dropping a control they may typically come up with the briefest of detail inside the handover. In different words, in case you do now not ask specific questions and chase specific information, you will not get it. This results in all the issues below plus greater.

So frequently the handover is poorly processed and the cease result brings actual troubles to you because the belongings supervisor which include:

Errors in rent documentation
Arrears shortfalls
Incorrect invoicing of tenants
Loss of outgoings
Loss of property records
Loss of as-built drawings and tenancy plans
An irritated landlord
Lost assets records
Poor tenant communique
Loss of hire and different profits incidentals
Lost rent documentation, titles, agreements, and licenses
Lacking incentive detail for contemporary tenants
Disruption of belongings protection
Poor property overall performance
If you take the assets over from some other property manager in every other enterprise, rarely will cooperation characteristic inside the process; in the main, they simply want to move on and away from the assets as quickly as possible. To compensate and attach the hassle it’s far fine so one can use a complex tick list that covers the property type and the property place.

Any property managers that try to do a handover with out a tick list are leaving themselves open to legal responsibility and future issues.

Here are a few ideas to get you commenced on a assets handover checklist for your self and your customers. You can and need to upload to this listing given your place and property specialty.

Tenant touch element
Tenancy agenda (take a look at its accuracy)
Incentive element
Bank guarantees and other bonds or hires securities
Lease detail
Plans for the assets
Plans for the tenancy areas
Plans for the constructing (as constructed drawings are crucial)
Income information currently and historically
Current tenant communications on first-rate problems
Arrears reputation report
Expenditure budgets and plans
Income and expenditure history over a previous couple of years (preferably 3 or extra years)

Image result for Property problem: HC imposes fees on spouse of retired IAS officerEnergy consumption info and scores
Environmental topics and orders
Heritage topics and orders
Building code compliances
Occupancy certificates for the constructing
Landlord reports and codecs
Lease expiry profiles
Maintenance plans and information
Maintenance budgets
Tenancy mix plans and techniques
Property zoning orders, notices, and duties
Essential offerings reports and compliances
Safety matters consisting of Workplace Health and Safety
So this list covers some of the main problems to invite questions about in a property management handover. There are different matters you can add and need to achieve this as you refine the list of specific property types and locations.

The greater distinct you are within the method the less difficult your activity will become. Protect yourself and your landlord with the aid of adopting a radical and comprehensive handover method. Leave no stone unturned.

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