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Pirelli motels to new sim software to shake up tyre strategies

Pirelli is counting on unique software to help decide its tire selections this yr in a bid to offer groups greater control over their pit stop strategies.

F1’s exclusive tire provider has extended its range of compounds this season and long past one step softer throughout the board with a much less conservative technique.

Teams will still be allotted three compounds at every race but Pirelli’s picks might not always consist of a logical collection of tires, meaning the manufacturer could bounce a compound in its selection.

“We have now a very good device, software that we created this winter, to make all of the mixtures with 3 different compounds,” stated Pirelli F1 boss Mario Isola.

“And the software is returning the wide variety of strategies in a positive c programming language of race time.

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No company hold close on tires till midseason, says Pirelli’s Isola
“So we continually select up the 3 compounds that have the highest quantity of strategies. Usually, of course, the goal is to stop, however, it’s no longer handiest stops, we’re taking the mixture which on paper is giving us the higher variety of strategies, to try to have extra action on the track.

“Software is a tool this is making quite a few comparisons in a quick manner, however, you need to place the right numbers,” provides Isola.

“If we collect top numbers from right here, we will update the software program so that it will have new simulations and to decide the selection.

“We had a one of a kind gadget. We had one in the beyond, but now we’ve got a new one this is considering more information.

“We have I experience a higher, extra representative output. The version is stronger, it is extra stable.”

According to Pirelli, the delta among the diverse compounds over a single lap will decide if an expansion jumps a tire or now not.

The lower the delta, the better the chances a specific kind of rubber might be ignored in favor of the subsequent one inside the sequence.

“If we discover for instance that soft, super soft and ultrasoft are too near, we are able to nominate, as we did for China, where we did medium, soft and ultrasoft,” explains Isola.

“It’s crucial that we collect the delta lap times between compounds to determine the selection.

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“If we affirm the numbers that we’ve got seen in Abu Dhabi [testing in November] – among soft and supersoft we had zero.6s, and super soft to ultrasoft turned into zero.Fours – depending on that, we can great track the choice and try to choose the exceptional mixture.”

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