Opponents & proponents both invoke right to existence

The Centre on Wednesday invoked the right to food, shelter, and employment for tens of millions of impoverished humans to justify Aadhaar and countered the petitioners’ focussed attack on the specific identification wide variety as a gross violation of the right to privateness.
For the Centre, lawyer wellknown K K Venugopal advised a bench of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justices A K Sikri, A M Khanwilkar, D Y Chandrachud and Ashok Bhushan that Aadhaar is meant to facilitate 350 million humans residing beneath the poverty line, who have been overlooked for decades by means of governments and society and left to live at the fringes with their entitlements under PDS and NREGA pilfered with the aid of middlemen.
“Aadhaar turned into to ensure that these impoverished lot did now not have an animal life and lived with dignity with confident entitlement to meals, shelter, and employment, which are all a part of the right to the life assured under Article 21 of the Constitution,” the AG stated. With the SC’s 9-choose Constitution bench having already dominated that right to privateness is intrinsic to right to existence, Justice Sikri stated this stand brings an fascinating query earlier than the court docket — both the government and petitioners are seeking for to validate their arguments via invoking the right to lifestyles

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While the government is invoking right to existence to justify Aadhaar as an injector of dignity to lives of hundreds of thousands of impoverished, the petitioners are searching for to invoke the right to privateness, also part of right to existence, to counter Aadhaar,” Justice Sikri stated and delivered that the court docket may should appoint the doctrine of proportionality to decide this battle between two limbs of right to lifestyles over Aadhaar.

At the outset, CJI Misra startled the petitioners as well as the authorities by way of succinctly summarising the 19-day-lengthy arguments spanning extra than months by using precisely identifying 10 grounds via which petitioners have faulted Aadhaar. After doing so, he innocently asked the lawyers whether or not any floor became unnoticed. It invited an awe-struck shrug of shoulders from senior advocate K V Vishwanathan, who said now not a single floor has been disregarded by the CJI.

Venugopal argued that the proper of the impoverished to get food, shelter and livelihood stood on a higher pedestal than right to privateness. “There is not any comparison between aspects of right to existence — proper to privacy as towards deprivation of basic matters to sustain life,” he said. Justice Chandrachud said: “In order to acquire monetary liberty, we can must give up political liberty can’t be an argument. Political rights (privacy) and economic rights (ensured through Aadhaar) stand on exceptional footing.”
Justice Bhushan introduced, “Even if the government argued that the proper of downtrodden to food and safe haven turned into on a higher pedestal, nevertheless it has to make certain that privacy of the very same class of human beings is not violated.” AG said the SC has to strike a balance among the 2.

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