Open Ceiling Design: Solving the Challenges

For the best interior designers in Bangalore, the open ceiling, also known as “open plenum” or “exposed structure,” is trendy in the office environment in today’s world. This type of ceiling’s main advantage is that it increases the room’s height, making the room feel more spacious, which works perfectly for the industrial look.

Open Ceiling Design: Solving the Challenges 12

For interior designers in Bangalore, a few challenges come along if it isn’t planned and designed well. Messy looks, shoddy acoustics, or increased prices due to some electrical, mechanical, or plumbing issues are a few challenges that one might face. Here are a few challenges that can occur while planning this ceiling and how to tackle these types of challenges.

1. Planning with Painting

For an expert interior designer and modular kitchen in Bangalore, a clean and smooth look is always preferable. However, you need to select the perfect color according to the walls and the theme you want to create. The exposed ceiling is mostly painted a dark color to tackle the dusting problem. Moreover, cables and pipes are painted, too. After installing the open ceiling, the remaining thread supports used for mechanical supports should be cut down. All these cables have sharp turns, so it needs to be bundled.

Open Ceiling Design: Solving the Challenges 13

2. Acoustical Considerations

While planning for the open ceiling construction, acoustical issues are one of the primary challenges that arise. If this challenge is not strategically tackled, then the place will become very noisy, which leads to a distracting environment. This can harm your office’s efficiency as well as productivity. For tackling these challenges, here are the solutions for it.

3. Sound Masking System

A sound Masking System is a noise system that suppresses noisy distractions by masking the noise. It is a costly system, but it is a one-time investment that can be very useful for call centers. With this system, the neighboring workstations will not be distracted by the employees’ conversations. The sound masking system is also known as a white noise system.

4. ACT (Acoustical Ceiling Tile)

ACT comes with the technology of NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient). NRC is the sound energy that is present inside the ceiling. This energy acts as a barrier that can reduce noise and echo coming from the employee’s desk. It blocks this noise by bouncing back to the desk.

5. HVAC (High Voltage AC) Problems

Due to the open ceiling, HVAC will get more space for heating as well as cooling. It would be best if you considered HVAC as a challenge due to its design phase. The reason for this is that it can increase the size as well as the cost. So it becomes expensive. The solution for tackling this challenge is to consider HVAC while planning.

Last Thoughts

Cathedral ceilings are not favorable for all businesses. On the other hand, an open ceiling gives an industrial feel and boosts the workplace’s theme. The open ceiling looks good, but it’s not always an economical choice. So before deciding whether to shift to an open ceiling, you should consider the above challenges and find the best solution that suits your budget.

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