Make your Android and iOS devices paintings together

Posted on Jun 9 2020 - 4:37am by Paul C. Lafferty

Android and iOS devices require specific apps, provide distinct functions, and paintings satisfactory with extraordinary brands of computers and smart hardware. All this makes it tough to apply both cell working structures collectively. But that doesn’t imply you have to restriction your self to one or the other. For example, you would possibly need an iPad for media consumption and an Android telephone to hold your SIM card. Or possibly you dislike the concept of walling yourself into a Google-handiest or Apple-most effective device. So we accrued seven suggestions for making Android and iOS play nice.

1. Decide on your chosen platform
Don’t trouble to attempt to deal with both gadgets as equals: Pick a favorite operating device and maintain that smartphone or pill as the number one. This is the device in which you will store your maximum critical records and apps, so it must be the only you experience maximum at ease with, had been the use of the longest, or already save the maximum of your statistics on. The 2nd you possibly can act as a backup with an extra confined choice of apps and statistics.

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There are a few motives to choose favorites. First, due to incompatibilities between the structures, you may not be able to get every app you need strolling on each gadget (examine the following segment for extra records). In addition, a few apps, which includes Snapchat and WhatsApp, only assist you to sign up for one device at a time. If you download the applications on each, you may log inside and out continuously.

2. Know apps’ boundaries
For a satisfied union of Android and iOS devices, make yourself familiar with the apps which can be to be had on handiest one or some other. This may assist you to make a decision which to make your primary tool. For instance, you can download all of Google’s apps onto your iPhone, but only one Apple app works on Androids: Apple Music. So you must opt for iOS if you rely upon Apple apps like Pages or Numbers, you operate Safari considerably on a macOS laptop and need to sync your bookmarks and history in your cell phone, or you own quite a few iTunes content. You might not be capable of getting entry to any of these things on an Android device.

Also be aware of the apps we mentioned earlier, which allow you to log in on best one tool at a time (in place of the packages like Instagram and Netflix, which allow logins on multiple gadgets). Run an audit of the apps you operate most usually to test how many logins you’re allowed. Then download the single-login apps in your number one device.

3. Install all of your Google apps on iOS
If you frequently store your records in Google apps like Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Maps—you’ll be able to get entry to it on both iOS and Android. Google regularly updates its apps on both platforms, so that you can, and ought to, download them to all your gadgets, regardless of the operating system.

Google will mechanically keep your facts within the cloud and sync it to a couple of telephones or pills. In other phrases, you’ll get Google Drive documents, saved Google Maps locations, Google Photos photographs, and different data on each tool you own. Even Google Assistant will run on iOS. However, that model of the app might not integrate with the device as well. For instance, you can’t lengthy-press on the Home button to launch it in iOS like you could on Android.

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4. Access your Apple data on Android
Getting your Apple facts on an Android machine is not as clean as syncing your Google facts to iOS, however, it is nevertheless viable.
For example, the Gmail app for Android can get admission to your Apple e-mail. Tap the menu button (three horizontal traces) at the top left, accompanied by means of your account name and Add account. Finally, pick out Other and enter your Apple login credentials.

Getting Apple calendar and speak to data on Android isn’t quite as easy, and any changes you make might not sync mechanically. Here’s the way to set it up. First, log into iCloud in an internet browser and export your data. Then the procedure for syncing your contacts and your calendar diverge.

To percentage Contacts, pick out all of your contacts, click on the cog icon on the lowest left, and pick out Export vCard. Then open Google Contacts online and import the stored document with the aid of scrolling down the left-hand menu and clicking More accompanied with the aid of Import.

In the Calendar app, click on the Share button to the proper of your calendar, and then tick Public Calendar and replica the URL that appears. Next, open Google Calendar in an internet browser and click the Plus icon on the left observed by means of From URL. Enter the URL that Apple Calendar gave you. This records then syncs to Google Calendar on Android. Although you’re making edits on an Apple tool and see them on Google Calendar, the sync is simplest one way—your Android tool can’t edit information on your Apple calendar.

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5. Choose neutral apps
As you will be aware, syncing dedicated Google or Apple apps among the working structures may be a trouble. Whenever feasible, attempt to use platform-agnostic apps that do not care whether or not they run on iOS or Android. These examples will sync seamlessly between your devices so long as you operate the identical sign-in credentials.

Or leisure, watch movies via Netflix and listen to track through Spotify. For cloud storage, stash your files in Dropbox. The identical goes for messaging and calling: You would possibly installation Skype for video calling and Facebook Messenger for texting friends. You may even select a neutral virtual assistant because Cortana is available for both Android and iOS.