How to Use a virtual whiteboard & Make Your Online Classes More Fun

Today, it isn’t easy to keep your students’ attention at a high level, and all professors know that. The decline in concentration we notice in today’s people is primarily due to the excessive use of technology in everyday life. Here we mostly mean smartphones, social networks, and the like. That’s why every professor constantly has to come up with new ways to make classes more fun. This is especially challenging when it comes to online classes. So we have to use new technologies to make everything a lot more fun. This new technology that will help us is called virtual whiteboard, and we will explain how to make the most of it.

22 Must Have Tips for Teachers: Making Online Classes Fun

How to use it?

We would need a separate text to explain how to use a virtual whiteboard, so we’ll tell you the basics. In general, the virtual whiteboard gained even more significant importance last year, when almost all classes were transferred to virtual classrooms due to the pandemic. Also known as the online and digital whiteboard, it is not much different from the whiteboard we all had in school. The biggest difference and being virtual is that it offers many other options besides just writing and drawing. It offers you endless possibilities, so you can also add charts, diagrams, etc. Although it offers so many different options, it is actually easy to use. If you have a basic knowledge of using a computer or other device that supports virtual whiteboards, you won’t have any problems. It is important to explore all the possibilities and make the classes as interesting and picturesque as possible. Whichever you use, you will have a toolbar available that will be used for writing, drawing, making calls, sharing documents, and much more.

How to make your online classes more fun?

You need to strike the right balance between seriousness and fun, and a virtual whiteboard is a right tool you need for that.

Make presentations

Imagine it as if you are a painter and the virtual whiteboard is your canvas. You can create any presentation you want and visually convey everything you want to tell them to your students. People can concentrate much better on interesting presentations than just reading endless pages of text. With the help of presentations, you will tell them everything you want, but it will also be fun.

Give them a chance for dialogue.

All people, including students, are bored when they can’t participate in the lesson they are currently taking. But when you give them a chance to express their opinion or ask a question and in that way a dialogue is initiated, everything will be completely different. The virtual whiteboard has different chat and video/audio call options, so it is straightforward to communicate with students. You can make everything so interesting that they can’t wait for the next class.

Make them feel relaxed.

Although classes should have a certain amount of seriousness, try to relax them by inserting an interesting photo or GIF, which of course, has to do with what you are talking about at the moment. This will relax them, and they will forget that there is a hierarchy when it comes to you and them. They will feel that they are equal and spark fascinating conversations, where you will hear different opinions.


And finally, you can build trust with them that way. Just because they will be so engaged in every lecture, your relationship with them will be completely different. This will make it easier, nicer, and more fun for both you and them.

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