HIV researcher is new head of US public-fitness organisation

HIV researcher Robert Redfield will lead the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar announced on 21 March.

Redfield “has dedicated his complete life to promoting public fitness and offering compassionate care to his sufferers,” Azar said in a statement, calling the new CDC director’s clinical credentials “peerless”.

Redfield, co-director of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, has studied HIV epidemiology, pathology and vaccines for over 30 years. He replaces former CDC chief Brenda Fitzgerald, who resigned on 31 January following news reviews that she had traded stock in tobacco companies whilst leading the enterprise.

Redfield’s appointment does not require affirmation by using the United States Senate — in contrast to many other pinnacle authorities posts.

“I hope [that as CDC director] he could be able to preserve the dedication to evidence that has been the hallmark of his profession to this point,” says Mitchell Warren, government director of AVAC, an HIV-prevention advocacy corporation in New York City.

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Redfield began studying HIV in the early Nineteen Eighties because the US epidemic started out. Back then when scientists have been just starting to learn about the sickness, Redfield puzzled the main principle that the sickness unfolds via gay intercourse alone. In 1985, he and his colleagues published a study showing that the virus can be transmitted via heterosexual intercourse as well1.

For the following decade, Redfield handled infantrymen and searched for an HIV vaccine at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Silver Spring, Maryland. His time at Walter Reed additionally sparked controversy. In 1993, the USA Army investigated allegations that he had made the preliminary effects of a clinical trial on an ability HIV vaccine sound more promising than they had been. The Army determined no evidence of medical misconduct, however, said that Redfield’s team had shared facts with an advocacy group called Americans for Sound AIDS Policy “to a point this is inappropriate”. A few years later, Redfield drove for mandatory HIV checking out of navy employees. At the time, some public-health researchers and affected person advocates argued that the exercise may want to cause discrimination.

Mixed reception

The episodes have attracted criticism from an outstanding member of Congress. In a 19 March letter to US President Donald Trump, Senator Patty Murray of Washington — the highest-rating Democrat on the Senate committee that oversees the CDC — noted a “sample of ethically and morally questionable behavior” in thinking Redfield’s suitability for the CDC task. Murray also said that Redfield might not have the public-fitness revel in essential to lead the enterprise.

Mark Harrington, director of Treatment Action Group, an HIV activist organization in New York City, is also worried approximately Redfield’s appointment. He notes that Redfield remains on the board of the AIDS business enterprise referred to within the 1993 Army investigation and that the institution — now called the Children’s AIDS Fund — has promoted an abstinence-only technique to HIV prevention in Africa. In the early 1990s, Redfield said publicly that condoms aren’t adequate safety against HIV. Studies have shown that abstinence-most effective programmes do now not reduce the danger of HIV transmission2.

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Redfield did now not reply to Nature’s request for remark. But William Pierce, a director at communications-consulting firm APCO Worldwide in Washington DC who’s advising Redfield, says that Redfield helps complete HIV-prevention strategies, together with the use of condoms.

And a few scientists and HIV-policy professionals say that Redfield’s call for obligatory HIV trying out within the Nineties might have meditated the times. “I am not justifying that position, however, we want to recognize that numerous many years in the past we didn’t realize an awful lot about the virus, and that led us to make several bad choices,” says Warren. “The essential factor is to see if he nonetheless feels that manner — positions do evolve.”

Looking ahead

Redfield left Walter Reed in 1995. The following 12 months, he co-based the Institute of Human Virology, a facility operated by way of the country of Maryland that combines studies on viral and immune issues with scientific care. That care commenced with Baltimore citizens and has because spread to seven international locations in Africa and the Caribbean.

Many of Redfield’s sufferers additionally war with heroin addiction, an institute spokeswoman says. She provides that the ability’s remedy method is holistic, addressing dependency and mental-health issues alongside HIV.

Redfield’s medical enjoy in treating heroin dependancy makes him an attractive suit for the Trump administration, which has said that it wants to fight the growing US opioid disaster. Trump proposed US$10 billion in new price range to combat opioid abuse in his 2019 price range request — consisting of $126 million for programmes at the CDC. But the president’s plan would lessen the corporation’s overall price range to $5.6 billion, 12% below the 2017 level.

Redfield, whose profession has blanketed public-health paintings foreign places, may additionally have to take care of a discounted finances for stemming diseases abroad. CDC team of workers contributors do not anticipate that a $six hundred-million fund to assist nations in stopping Ebola and other outbreaks could be renewed earlier than it runs out in September 2019.

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Robert Gallo, a virologist who directs the Maryland center with Redfield, says that Redfield’s extensive-ranging experience qualifies him for the placement. “Not most effective has he overseen the largest health crisis in modern-day records, but he’s an exceptional infectious-disease health practitioner, he works like a dog, and he’s smart as a whip.”

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