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Former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock on his journey hotspots

The former Sex Pistols bassist tells Polly Humphris about getting arrested with Iggy Pop and the simple pleasure of washing his smalls at a local launderette

What is your preferred on-the-avenue second?
One of the ultimate Sex Pistols tours become a 30-date US excursion sometime within the 1970s. The teach had a video participant, which we weren’t used to having, but our guitarist Steve Jones pipes up: ‘Don’t fear, I’ve got it taken care of.’ We expected porn however what he simply slotted in became Summer Holiday, the 1963 movie with Cliff Richard. The bit where Cliff pulls up on the bus become so incongruous with us lot on a tour bus, it turned into hilarious. We’ve all were given a tender spot for Cliff.

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What is your favorite city?
Tokyo is a real mix of historical and extremely-current. There’s a shop in Harajuku with a huge 40ft neon signal called Nice Claup (save.Niceclaup.Jp). What does that even suggest? Kappabashi Street among Ueno and Asakusa is thought locally as Kitchen Town and is full of shops supplying wholesale kitchenware. They also sell plastic food for display in restaurant windows — everything from ice cream to sushi.

What maintains you sane on the road?
Finding the nearby launderette and doing my personal washing. I like having clean garments and I don’t like paying a fortune for a resort to wash my smalls.

When have you ever been maximum nervous whilst traveling?
We had been gambling a gig in an old abattoir close to Helsinki and had to get a small Learjet to get us there. We took off first-rate, got up to cruising altitude and all of sudden the sirens started going off and the cabin stress dropped. The aircraft misplaced control briefly but we were given there in a single piece.

What have you ever taken from a hotel room?
I’m a fan of a fold-up hairbrush, which isn’t very rock’n’roll, and, of direction, we had our moments returned in the day. I do not forget telling our excursion manager I’d made ‘a piece of a mess’ of an inn room and he advised me not to fear. After he’d got us all out, he provided me with an invoice for some hundred quid, which changed into a fair bit in 1979. I actually have thrown a TV out of a window but it turned into my own TV out of my personal window, which turned into stupid.

What is the satisfactory souvenir you’ve come domestically with?
In homage to my love of Japan, I’ve got a tongue-in-cheek dressing room sign that announces Gren Matrock, however, average I’m honestly horrible for leaving matters in different nations. I had a sincerely sharp, dark-blue pinstripe fit that I took to Spain. I were given home and realized it become nonetheless putting in a wardrobe in Sitges.

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What has been your most existence-converting experience even as traveling?
I recall playing in New York whilst the Sex Pistols have been starting out. It became the primary time I’d been to the States and there has been an artwork show happening in Greenwich Village. Joni Mitchell changed into there and she accidentally stood on my foot along with her stiletto heel, which changed into memorable besides, but on the way domestic a man stopped me in the road and stated, ‘Hey, you’re Glen Matlock’. It turned into David Johansen from the New York Dolls, who I’d never met.

What’s the worst meal you’ve had overseas?
In Madrid, I was served elvers [baby eels], which can be imagined to be a Spanish delicacy but seemed like a bowl of worms. They didn’t flavor too awful however they seemed quite grim and had an unfortunate crunch mid-chunk.

Oddest place you’ve spent the night?
We played some gigs in rural western France and ended up in a creepy farmhouse. It becomes freezing and the only blankets we had were the ones that were used to cover the cows.

Have you ever come near getting arrested?
Yes. We had been playing with Iggy Pop in Michigan. Iggy’s were given a bit of a recognition for ‘airing himself’ on the level, let’s assume, so whilst we came off we have been all marched away at gunpoint. They didn’t lock us up, though

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