Features And Benefits – What’s The Difference?Features And Benefits – What’s The Difference?

The phrases “capabilities” and “advantages” are usually thrown around when human beings are discussing advertising techniques and communications strategies – most of the time, with a sentence much like, “We want this brochure to have real capabilities-and-advantages textual content throughout the whole piece.” At which factor, everybody generally nods in the settlement.


Who could disagree?

But of the path, in case you asked most people within the room, few should honestly agree either, because they’re no longer clean on what “features-and-blessings text” or “features/gain format” in reality method, which includes the person that commented. Why? Because it’s an expression that doesn’t certainly suggest lots of something. It’s come to be advertising jargon.

Let’s clear up the confusion by first defining these two phrases.
Features: traits of a product, carrier, or other imparting.
In different words, what are the pieces and elements of something it is you’re advertising?

For example, if you’re promoting a vehicle, many features may consist of airbags, a convertible pinnacle, and a mighty engine. If you are selling a control consulting carrier, a number of the capabilities might be 20 years of experience, an internet assignment-monitoring device, and a helpful record that the client receives on the process’s cease.

Benefits: tangible or intangible positives that customers and clients receive or experience through a product, carrier, or different presenting. Why would absolutely everyone want to do anything its miles you are looking to get them to do in different phrases? Normally, when you have to pick out, it is pleasant to talk about blessings greater than capabilities. It’s the capability benefits that lead human beings to act, not the functions. There’s an old expression inside the marketing global... ““People don’t want region-inch drill bits. They want zone-inch holes.” We’ve heard this announcement expressed in another way and credited to exclusive sources (the maximum credible supply being David Ogilvy), but the sentiment is always equal… People do not purchase your product due to the capabilities it has. They buy it for the advantage they hope to get hold of from the use of it.

Let’s consider the two examples above.
The 3 capabilities listed for the car had been

(1) airbags,
(2) convertible pinnacle, and
(3) effective engine.

The corresponding benefits – expressed within the terms of a consumer – are probably.

(1) you’ll be safe,
(2) you may revel in the stunning climate, and
(3) you may be capable of provoking your high school friends at your upcoming elegance reunion. (People do not need airbags. They want to be secure.)

The 3 features of the consulting offerings had been

(1) two decades of experience,
(2) the online mission-monitoring device, and
(3) a document that clients receive on the cease of the consulting gig.

The corresponding benefits to the clients might be

(1) you can be confident that the guidelines are based totally on validated philosophies and will consequently be powerful,
(2) you will usually know the fame of the challenge, and
(3) you’ll be capable of effortlessly check with all of the recommendations even after the engagement is achieved. (People do not really need a representative with twenty years of enjoyment. They do not even need suggestions that can be primarily based on confirmed philosophies. They need guidelines a good way to paint.)

Of course, these are simply three functions for each service or product and one gain for each characteristic. Each of the capabilities probably can be interpreted into dozens of blessings, relying on the unique target market participants.

Here’s a quick (and very incomplete) list of advantages that would go along with the feature of a vehicle being a convertible.

– You can revel in the lovely weather.
– You can revel in the stars and moon.
– You can galvanize ability dates.
– Your children (and their pals) will assume you’re cool.
– You can revel in higher website online-seeing trips.
– You will feel at one with nature.
– You won’t experience trapped inside the vehicle whilst making all those long enterprise journeys.

– You can spend much less on energy because you will not want a hairdryer.
Some of those advantages could be greater relevant than others to exceptional segments of your target audience. Therefore you have more than one choice.

(1) You can phase your communications, so you’re turning in one-of-a-kind blessings to different segments of your audience, or
(2) you may genuinely tout the characteristic, permitting each target audience member to immediately think about the gain that’s maximum relevant to her or him.

That 2nd alternative is now and then the great answer for multiple motives – particularly when every member of your target audience, in reality, knows your services or products and could correctly bounce to the proper end. For instance, within the automobile scenario, it’d not be vital to explain to clients that airbags result in expanded protection. People recognize that. You might be capable of sincerely country that your automobile has eight airbags.


Another time you may select to speak approximately the character instead of the advantage is when you cannot actually say the advantage. For instance, the function of twenty years of consulting enjoy should, without problems, cause the advantage of, “our suggestions are better than the ones of our competition and will assist make you rich.” However, you may not have the ability to say that, probable due to legal barriers, or maybe because it just appears too boastful or unprofessional. In those situations, it often is high-quality to say the feature and desire that the audience individuals count on the perfect benefits. (You should then spend the rest of your advertising and marketing efforts specializing in other advantages that you could more blatantly talk about.)

But there is but every other twist.

Airbags are a characteristic, and multiplied safety is the gain. However, if you dig a bit deeper, improved safety may additionally be a characteristic, and the advantage might be the increased peace of mind that your teenage son may be much more likely to stroll away from a twist of fate in case you purchase him this car. That advantage is a bit more precise, a little extra non-public, a bit more emotional, and in all likelihood, a touch greater power of an advertising and marketing message.

Keep drilling down and asking yourself, “Why is that again?” If you may move deeper, strive it. The closer you get to the real motive, an audience member will do something it’s far you want her or him to do, the much more likely you will create the preferred reaction. So, how do you define your capabilities and blessings? And how do you realize while to talk approximately which ones?

The first question is less complicated. Make a list with two columns. In the left column, list all the functions of the product or service you are advertising. In the proper column, put all of the corresponding blessings. For maximum features, you may have a couple of gains, and you will also find that a few of the blessings will seem after a couple of functions. This listing turns into the premise of the way you define your primary and secondary messages.

But how do you make a decision on which functions and benefits to discuss for your advertising substances? You should have a look at your competitors and your audience contributors. Are there advantages you offer that your competitors do now not? Do you have particular functions that prove or imply innovation or superiority? What are the blessings humans maximum need or want? These are the kinds of questions you have to ask and solutions to determine which capabilities or blessings could be your messaging method’s premise.

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