Common Issues in Android Lollipop and Their Solutions

Android Lollipop problems with their solutions

Although Android Marshmallow is out for a few devices, among the gadgets are still the usage of Lollipop and are nonetheless receiving updates to the OS. Lollipop has been a superb running machine for Android with such outstanding capabilities. However, there’s no such aspect as perfect, and Lollipop is no exception. There are many Android Lollipop problems, and we are going to listing here a few commonplace Android Lollipop troubles and their possible restoration.

Common Issues in Android Lollipop and Their Solutions 11

Crashing Apps:

The Lollipop replace someway delivered reminiscence leaks that triggered way too many issues throughout. This Android Lollipop problem brought on the apps to crash and feature lag inside the UI and even prompted the UI to stop without caution. On excessive-quit devices, this leak isn’t always an awful lot great, but for the older gadgets, this may motive a whole lot of troubles. Rebooting the device will best fix this quickly and after some days, the lag will go back. Clearing Google play’s information will somehow clear up the difficulty; however, to permanently clear up the issue, you’ll have to anticipate Google to launch an official replacement.

Slow Charge:

If your tool occurs to rate a little slower than earlier than, then you’re now not certainly on my own on this count. Many customers are having this Android Lollipop difficulty and do observe that charging from a PC will continually be sluggish. Some potential answers to this are.

• If you are using a third-birthday party charger, that might be the motive of sluggish charging.
• The cable might be inflicting a problem; attempt charging it with another trusted cable.
• Clear your device’s cache partition.

Rapid battery drain:

Many customers are complaining about this Android Lollipop difficulty that their mobile’s battery drains loads faster than it used to or decreased honestly fast. This changed into a chief difficulty inside the first Lollipop update become later fixed with an update and should, in all likelihood, have a miles better battery lifestyles than earlier than. If you’re nevertheless going through the hassle, try those.

Update all your apps to be well-matched with the new OS and clean their cache.
• Factory resets your tool.

No audio on name:

Quite a few human beings have truly faced this Android Lollipop issue where they cannot appear to pay attention to the caller and vice versa. This makes it the person not possible to get hold of calls. The capability solutions to this are.

• Restarting your smartphone seems to resolve the hassle.
• Try the use of your headsets or a Bluetooth headset, after which transfer back to your tool’s audio.

The camera isn’t always working:

Not plenty of people had been facing this Android Lollipop difficulty; however, this difficulty has annoyed them lots for the ones who’ve. Some human beings have also been complaining about the digital camera buttons disappearing, so even you can’t switch to the front digicam. Some solutions to fix this trouble are.

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