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Blogger Arrested Amid Iran’s December 2018

Agents Threaten to Arrest Wife For Speaking Out About Peyman Roshanzamir’s Case

A blogger who never served a previous prison sentence at the circumstance that he could no longer engage in political sports turned into taken lower back to prison amid Iran’s December 2017 protests.

Peyman Roshanzamir has been refusing meals on the Central Prison in Ahvaz, Khuzestan Province, in view that February 28, 2018, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) has learned. In an open letter, he stated that marketers at the prison had threatened his wife with arrest for publicizing the news approximately his starvation strike.

“Two days in the past, someone from the Intelligence Ministry and final night from the pinnacle of prison protection got here to see me and all I heard from them were insults and threats,” said Roshanzamir in an open letter from prison dated March 10, a duplicate of which became received by using CHRI.

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“One of the agents asked me to stand the wall so I wouldn’t see him,” he brought. “I refused. Then all he stated changed into, ‘We will arrest your wife for spreading the news about your hunger strike. You’re creating issues for her.’”

“I said, ‘Definitely try this so that the arena can recognize better who you’re,’” said Roshanzamir in his letter.

“I am clearly asking the authorities to consider my request for conditional release,” he brought. “This is my right as a primary-time perpetrator.”

Agents of the Intelligence Ministry within the town of Ahvaz previously arrested Roshanzamir, 30, on January three, 2011, for writing blog posts that had been vital to kingdom regulations.

In May 2011 he turned into sentenced to 17 months in prison for the expenses of “insulting the best chief” (twelve months) and “propaganda towards the state” (five months).

An appeals courtroom later confirmed his sentence but it was put on keeping after he pledged not to have interaction in any political sports, his spouse told the London-based totally Kayhan internet site on March 10, 2018.

His spouse, who was now not named within the interview, added that even though her husband had avoided undertaking politics, he becomes re-arrested in early January 2018 after being summoned for thinking inside the aftermath of the protests that happened in numerous cities in Iran that month.

According to Article 134 of Iran’s Islamic Penal Code, prisoners convicted on more than one prices may best serve the maximum excessive sentence, which in Roshanzamir’s case could be twelve months.

In his open letter, Roshanzamir stated that he’s eligible for parole based on the time he served in detention in 2011 and after he changed into re-arrested in 2018.

“If the government had frequent my request and carried out Article 134 to my case, I might have been freed by now,” he brought. “It looks as if nobody right here desires to clear up problems without producing a crisis and despite the fact that I’m suffering from the excessive results of eleven days of starvation, I will now not forestall under any occasions aside from freedom.”

“The officers are nicely aware of this,” he delivered. “The obligation for my loss of life will be on all people who ought to have speedy permitted my release, however, didn’t.”

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