A blockchain-powered each day fantasy sports platform, MyDFS guarantees to improve the gaming experience for the uncountable quantity of myth sports activities enthusiasts worldwide by way of delivering higher pace, ease-of-use, transparency, governance, and responsibility. This cell-based, totally fable sports environment has been created with the founders of uTrener and KHL Fantasy, of European earliest and most popular daily fable sports structures.

MyDFS, a blockchain-powered each day myth sports platform, is ready to redefine the enterprise via connecting the sports activities fanatics around the world to an ecosystem that is obvious, smooth-to-use, and token customers pleasant. Built on smart contracts, MyDFS runs on mobile gadgets to address several troubles that have plagued the fable sports activities industry. This task’s final intention is to simplify user enjoyment to make video games fun for all varieties of players.


The global myth sports activities enterprise has experienced phenomenal growth over the previous couple of decades. Only inside the US and Canada, this marketplace changed into well worth $7 billion in 2017. However, an extremely high growth rate has led the industry to an immature nation where outdated commercial enterprise practices are common. As a result, this quite promising enterprise has been suffering from several shortcomings, including uncertain prison reputation, complex gaming experience, complicated verification procedures, deposit and withdrawal-associated issues, and absence of transparency.

MyDFS was designed as an obvious and fear-unfastened delusion sports platform with a purpose to be capable of overcoming all the existing challenges, leveraging present-day technology and modern-day commercial enterprise procedures. The platform addresses the industry’s legal problems by introducing cryptocurrency tokens for use for the platform’s duration. Limitations such as insider gaming, bots, and different instances of unfair play have been eliminated with blockchain and smart contract technology. Some different advantages for the fanatics include

  • Streamlined person enjoy
  • Fast consumer verification
  • Fast and worry-free transactions
  • Transparent gaming and truthful play
  • Get profits from winnings in tokens.

The MDF crew incorporates enterprise specialists with a wealth of revel in myth sports activities and large-target market programs. In 2016, this team hit the headlines using developing and launching uTrener. This was one of the earliest systems in the European market to provide a polished, user-friendly, and seamless DFS gaming experience on iOS, Android, and the net. They have additionally released KHL Fantasy (later KHL Haier Fantasy), a white label app for top European ice hockey league KHL. KHL Fantasy won MarSpo 2017 as the best sports app and was featured via App Store in numerous instances. Simultaneously, the MyDFS crew obtained a UK Gambling Commission License to operate fable sports activities in Europe legitimately.

“MDF offers a delusion sports solution with clean, mid-center gameplay that supports more than one popular sports activities and lets in people to invest and capitalize now not simply on the game itself, but additionally through investing in other pro players (earning a proportion in their winnings), or protecting or selling recreation tokens,” says Viktor Mangazeev, the CEO of MDF. “Our platform embraces transparency and truthful play. Our cryptocurrency tokens get rid of the want for fiat currency. The accuracy of our myth effects is backed up using smart contract technology. The actual-world game records that determine how players on our platform do, at the side of gamers, teams, and data, are completely publicly on hand.”


MyDFS currently helps football, hockey, basketball, cricket, and football and can integrate greater famous sports activities. It works on all modern smartphones, drugs, and the net. MyDFS token, an Ethereum-primarily based token, could be used for all cost transactions inside the MyDFS atmosphere. These tokens may be used to play, win, and change it for different cryptocurrencies or fiat money. The customers can also keep and exchange their tokens, maximizing their income ability as they call for increases for the MyDFS tokens. Moreover, MyDFS is a pioneering player brokerage to allow informal users to share their prize pool with seasoned players.

MyDFS app is predicted to be launched earlier than the FIFA World Cup 2018 to be held this summer season in Russia. The enterprise has recently started its pre-ICO marketing campaign, presenting a complete fifty million tokens with a tough cap set at $40 million. Attractive bonuses are available for early token customers.

MyDFS is a blockchain-powered daily fable sports activities platform from uTrener and KHL Fantasy apps creators. It runs on mobile gadgets and connects sports lovers around the sector in an obvious, easy-to-use manner. The platform simplifies the personal experience to make sports fun for gamers of all sorts. MyDFS is likewise pioneering participant brokerage to allow casual customers to share their prize pool with a pro.

Winning myth sports may be easy, but it takes time and coaching. There are positive steps that need to be taken earlier than your draft even begins.

The first thing you should do to begin preparing is to develop a depth chart of every group in the league. This should possibly be achieved right earlier than preseason begins. I could also advocate scripting this yourself and not simply printing it out, so you end up familiar with the teams and their new additions and subtractions.


The next step may be one of the maximum essential as it will affect all your results. You need to check the settings of your league. You have to see what stat categories are really worth points and what kind of a cost they’ve. You have to check to see what positions you need to draft and how many. This appears simple. However, most people in no way bother to test this, and they suppose that gamers are suitable for any league no matter what. Well, Reggie Bush is not almost as valuable if the league does no longer be counted receptions. Ryan Howard isn’t as precious in leagues that rely on strikeouts towards you.

Now is in which the work is available. You must pass position by way of function and participant by way of player and venture how they may do in the upcoming season. You might be searching at the stat classes furnished inside the settings and most effective those classes because something else is meaningless. If a pitcher receives a whole lot of losses, it won’t remember in most leagues because they typically do not count against you.

You can come to an affordable projection of players by searching at their past 3 years’ stats and deliberating aoffseason changesson that could affect the gamers’ stats. Some examples are being traded to another group, a large participant being traded to his team, an injury, a key participant on his crew getting injured.

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