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Apple Safari unterstützt keine Plugins mehr

Der Apple-Browser bietet in seiner aktuellen Vorschauversion keine Unterstützung mehr für Plugins, die auf die NPAPI-Schnittstelle angewiesen sind. Dabei mach das Unternehmen für ein (noch) relativ populäres, aber nicht unbedingt beliebtes Plugin eine Ausnahme.
Wie das WebKit-Team in den Release-Notes zur 52. Technology Preview-Version des Safari-Browser bekannt gibt, werden in der Vorab-Version keine NPAPI-Plugins mehr unterstützt. Andere Browser haben die Unterstützung für NPAPI-Plugins bereits eingestellt, so hat Chrome 2015, Firefox im letzten Jahr die NPAPI-Schnittstelle in Rente geschickt.

Die in den neunziger Jahren entwickelte Schnittstelle ist aus heutiger Sicht veraltet, Google bezeichnet die API sogar als eine Hauptursache für Hänger, Abstürze, Sicherheitsprobleme und komplexen Code.

Eine Ausnahme macht Apple im Safari-Browser jedoch: Die sich auf einem sehr schnell absteigenden Ast befindliche Flash-Technologie wird als einziges Plugin weiter über NPAPI unterstützt. Unklar ist, wann die aktuell lediglich in einer Vorabversion für Entwickler gestrichene Unterstützung auch in die für Endanwender gedachte Versionen kommen.

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Do successful businesses paintings with outside companions whilst developing new services and products? It might be thrilling to evaluate whether it makes a distinction between the success of an employer whether an organization uses its own internal assets for development or whether or not it’s miles open to external corporations. Opening to outsiders ought to involve sharing marketing, business and manufacturing highbrow belongings. Dangerous?

I notion of this query when I became paying attention to Steve Jobs and Bill Gates talk about their years inside the pc industry. Initially, Apple felt it desired to do everything on its personal inclusive of manufacture hardware and increase the software program to run on it. Whereas Microsoft always seemed to outside partners to expand software with. Microsoft is truly the bigger enterprise and has made extra cash than Apple, even though they started out up within a year of each different.

The dialogue, that is keeping our online world humming in the meantime, is ready Safari and why Apple could unexpectedly produce a Windows version of its browser utility. Is Apple now wants to compete with Microsoft one wonders? As is the need, theories are flying approximately, one better than the next, it seems.

One particularly interesting one is the reality, which I hadn’t heard of earlier than, that Mozilla earns an honest quantity of sales from the quest bar in its browser. I use Firefox on my Mac, in addition to Safari, and I had by no means taken a lot observe of the branded little G inside the search box. I always seek off Google’s website instead of direct out of the browser bar.

The motive why I use Firefox is due to the fact some websites simply don’t paintings in Safari. I had one this morning freeze on me. Pruhealth (boo to you) wouldn’t allow me to fill the form for a quote. So I needed to undergo the complete process once more on Firefox. Of direction, if Safari is to be had for Windows, it may mean that net builders might genuinely check their website online on Safari as nicely. And then Pruhealth’s website could clearly probable paintings on a Mac. One can desire. I need to say, Mac users have suffered this form of abuse for years, so most folks do not even get aggravated anymore.

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What might be a similar cause could be to permit the laptop geeks accessible to play with Safari, only for amusing. However, just study pictures of ‘computer geek’ get-togethers and you will be certainly amazed at the range of Macs in the target market. Have a have a look at photographs taken at the Hack Day held by Yahoo BBC in London this closing week-cease, by using finding out Flickr and attempting to find Hack Day 2007 pictures. Count the Macs. Actually be counted the non-Macs, that could be easier.

So it’s not that the pc geeks would want to play on Safari. They are already doing that. What might be an extra realistic reason for this uncommon movement by way of Apple is the reality that the iPhone runs on Safari. What Apple is probably seeking out is an extra developer pool to paintings on cool new apps for his or her mobile phone. And it does virtually look like there is a fair hobby in Safari. Apple suggested that one million copies of the Windows beta version of Safari have been downloaded inside the first 48hrs of it becoming to be had.

Whatever the cause for Apple’s move, in an effort to subsequently be found out to us all, one issue is for sure. It will grow the enterprise if the idea of using outside developers to increase ones very own enterprise is a legitimate one. As an aside, for the duration of current years, Apple has been the use of and hugely encouraging external developers already. But making a Mac application to be had to Windows users is a similarly colossal step in this direction. To examine more approximately the enterprise principle as stated right here examine Tom Peters ebook Re-Imagine.

Apple Safari is a light-weight and smooth browser recognized for its intuitive usability. It works on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. This visually attractive browser comes with a large variety of protection and surfing functions to present you a better experience. Some experts trust that Safari is the quickest and most green browser for Windows and Mac.

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The browser is simple to install and has a person friendly interface. Navigation options encompass an area bar, a seek box, alternatives menu, contemporary web page menu, and Back and Forward buttons. Its today’s variations feature a Reading List panel that offers you smoothly get admission to web pages that you want to revisit and study later. Even even though Safari lacks parental and zooms controls, it has some particular functions that aren’t to be had on any other browser.

Safari’s start page displays your favorite websites. The browser gives integrated assist for Apple’s VoiceOver screen reader. The most recent variations feature more suitable keyboard navigation, complete-display net pages, non-public browsing, and superior developer gear. Here are the key characteristics of this browser:

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