Alef Mobitech Adds Mobile Industry Veteran Mike Mulica to its Board

Mike Mulica is definitely some of the maximum influential and insightful new era market makers in mobile on the earth nowadays,” stated Dr. Ganesh Sundaram, Alef Mobitech’s CEO. “We price his mind-blowing music report of figuring out and running with the top innovators using the destiny of the Mobile Internet. With his know-how being brought to Alef Mobitech’s Board, we look forward to constructing even more momentum as an industry enabler in the months ahead.”

As a cell and net enterprise veteran, Mulica has performed a foundational role in pioneering the Mobile Internet. He has been at the helm of many successful rising era product introductions throughout the globe and performed key management roles at organizations that have changed the way the sector works along with: Synchronoss, Openwave, Phone.Com, RealNetworks, Activity, and maximum lately, The IOT Co-op.

“With its roots from Bell Labs and 60+ center cell network patents to its credit, Alef Mobitech’s technology group began building a surprisingly distributed cell-part computing platform years earlier than the world knew it needed one. What is available now in Tier 1 Mobile Operator production networks can be the most vital financial lever to be had to the Mobile Carrier CEO and CFO these days,” stated Mulica. “By partnering with Alef Mobitech, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can create 5G talents over their current 4G and legacy 3G networks without the want for steeply-priced upgrades. With this approach, they can postpone billions in spending while developing totally new avenues for the boom. I am pleased to be part of this outstanding crew allowing subsequent era cell skills at a fraction of the price of wholesale community deployment alternatives.”

Through its patented technologies and hyper-allotted cloud computing at the cell community’s radio facet, Alef Mobitech efficiently and price efficaciously makes mobile networks smarter, quicker, sharper, and capable of dealing with the global marketplace’s more and more developing needs for AR, VR, excessive-definition video, Smart Cities, IOT, and AI.

About Alef Mobitech

Alef Mobitech’s vision is to recognize the Global Mobile Internet’s whole ability through a wide variety of enablement services. Alef Mobitech empowers agencies across more than one segment to release new digital mobility products and services based on modern Mobility Cloud Technologies.

The most important goal of growing organization cellular apps is to gather a more convenient mode of operation. Typically, healthcare representatives may be visible lugging around tonnes of paperwork with them all of the time. However, with an internet records repository accessible on a mobile or a pill device, there may be no more want for the grunt work. Healthcare corporation cellular answers are an amazing way to feature convenience for your operations. And this facilitates not simplest the sanatorium personnel but also the sales representatives. With all the facts available on their mobile and pill gadgets, they can pass around visiting so many capability clients and deliver a plethora of records to develop new sales.

Better overall performance tracking:-

A tremendous advantage of getting a healthcare agency cell app is stepped forward monitoring of the employee’s overall performance. This permits you to display your employees in real-time and get a detailed evaluation, which includes their vicinity information. You also can make sure that your personnel contributors are given a certain level of access based on their degree of authority that can minimize the risks of a body of workers members overstepping their jurisdiction.

Better communique with all stakeholders:-

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In healthcare, getting remarks from all stakeholders could be essential to maintain your typical operations clean. With an organization cell answer for healthcare, you have the capacity to have interaction loads of stakeholders in real-time. This consists of customers, employees, medical doctors, admin staff, pharmacists, and other applicable humans. This permits you to prepare brief-term and long-time period strategies and offers you an extensive range of opportunities, starting from better customer service to expanded sales.

Data analysis and choice-making:-

Computing devices have truly impacted every single industry that comes for your thoughts, and healthcare is not an exception to it. One of the largest effects of this change is the capability to offer a statistical analysis of superb use in healthcare. With the processing power of devices reaching trillions of operations consistent with second, you can get an in-depth analysis of any records. This becomes in particular beneficial whilst docs and staff need to make brief decisions in a quick span of time. Generating an analysis of complex records can help improve staff productiveness to enable efficient utilization of sources.

Avoiding human blunders:-

In the healthcare industry, the lives of quite a few people are at stake. Keeping this in mind, the healthcare enterprise cellular solutions can convey automation and pace on your systems, which could be very beneficial. With the help of cellular gadgets that display essential operations constantly and tirelessly, there is a far smaller threat of mistakes. This isn’t always something that can be taken gently, and having the help of powerful corporation apps sincerely decreases the want for the level of responsibility.

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With the high fees related to the printing of files, most businesses incur a high cost. This is wherein healthcare company cell solutions have shown an awesome capability. Statistics show that corporations can keep a magnificent 60-70 percentage in printing expenses by replacing the printed fabric with e-documentation on organization apps. This suggests that it’s miles merely a count number of common experiences to opt for enterprise cellular apps for healthcare.

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