10 Creative Quarantine Activities for Adults

If there’s one benefit that this quarantine brings about, we have more time to engage in creative activities that we were probably too busy for before the outbreak happened. And by now, you’re probably tired of binging shows on Netflix and scrolling your the same social media apps every day. So, why not do something more productive with your time, like engaging in creative hobbies?

Here are some creative activities that adults can enjoy:

10 Creative Quarantine Activities for Adults 11

1. Design a jacket

Do you have an old jean jacket that’s gathering dust in your closet? Breathe new life into it by decorating the fabric with embellishments like playful pets, gems, rhinestones, and more. You get a new fun thing to wear and a blast from the past (but don’t let anyone tell you that jeweled jackets are too out of style!)

2. Start a scrapbook

Scrapbooking was all the rage back in the day, but it’s still a fun way to store memories and unleash your creative spirit today. And now that we’re in quarantine, we have all the time in the world to make a scrapbook full of pictures, stickers, embellishments, notes, and everything else in between.

3. Color

There are a plethora of adult coloring books available online with various themes and designs. You’d be sure to find one that suits your preferences. Not only does coloring help you use your creative juices, but it’s also one of the best ways to relieve stress and reduce anxiety, which is essential now that the situation is still uncertain.

4. Make a new recipe

Drop that cookbook and make a recipe of your own, be it your favorite dish or something unique that you’ve been wanting to try making for a while. Now is your time to do a little trial and error in the kitchen! And who knows? Maybe your new recipe will become a staple in the family menu for weeks to come.

5. Write stories

Writing is one of the best outlets you can have, especially during these difficult times. It’s also a great way to keep your mind active, expand your knowledge, and hone your writing skills even further. So while you’re stuck in your house, for the time being, let your imagination take you to other worlds by writing stories.

6. Practice music

Take this opportunity of having more free time to practice your music. Besides developing your musical skills, practicing music helps relieve stress and anxiety, increasing because of the pandemic. You can even try recording your music or taking a video of you playing to share with your friends and family. Who knows? Your music might be just what they need for a pick-me-up.

7. Try coffee recipes

Instead of going to the drive-thru for your favorite coffee, why not try making your own at home? Look up coffee recipes online and try to recreate your favorite drink. Even if you don’t achieve the same taste, it’s still a fun activity to do at home, and maybe you can even start making your own coffee from now on instead of buying it.

8. Turn your clothes into something new

Do you have a bunch of old clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Instead of letting them sit at the back of your closet, why not try turning them into something new? For example, cut a pair of sweats, resew the hems to make shorts, or design an oversized shirt into a cute dress. When the quarantine is over, you’d have new clothes to wear when you can finally go out with your friends again.

9. Learn a new language

Although learning a language might be more difficult in adulthood, it’s not impossible. If you’re planning to take a trip to a different country after the pandemic, catch up on your language skills now. But even if you aren’t planning to go anywhere when things (hopefully) go back to normal, learning a new language is a productive way to keep yourself occupied.

10. Recreate scenes

Are you an actor or actress by heart? Recreating scenes is a fun way to pass the time, even more so if you get other household members to do it with you. Choose scenes from your favorite movies, plays, and TV shows and try to recreate them as well as you can. You can even record it and add soundtracks, video effects, and sound effects to the video. We’re all bored, we all want to go outside, and we’re all anxious about what the future holds. But as we’re making the necessary sacrifice to stay inside, we can still let our creative juices flow by picking up our old hobbies again or even learning something completely different.

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